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The 5 Essential Steps for your Legal Knowledge Management Journey

Tiger Eye logoThe most successful law firms understand that knowledge is the sector’s most valuable asset. At Tiger Eye, we are truly passionate about legal knowledge management - the process of creating, documenting and using firm-wide knowledge and experience to accelerate workflows and ensure consistency of outputs. This is because we have worked with organisations around the world to boost productivity and drive greater value for clients through unlocking, capturing and centralising internal know-how, so we have experienced first-hand the powerful impact of effective knowledge management. 

Expect strong M&A activity within the LegalTech market says DAI Magister

Adam AzizRecent years have seen significant advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP), particularly with the development of Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT. These advancements, coupled with continuous improvements in data accessibility and computational resources, have markedly enhanced the capacity of LegalTech companies to automate complex text analysis. According to Goldman Sachs, Artificial Intelligence could replace as much as 40% of legal work.

3 Top Requirements for a Legal Knowledge Management System

Tiger Eye logoThe right legal knowledge management (KM) systems could help your firm to improve collaboration, reduce time spent searching for information, and provide legal expertise to clients both faster and more effectively. A truly comprehensive system can provide endless benefits to organisations looking to make the most of collective expertise by enabling the capture and centralisation of knowledge hidden within the minds of experts. 

Lawyers are expensive, but many aren’t charging you enough – how could technology change things?

Hugo SeymourThe law is a tough place to make it, particularly for young ‘hotshots’. Even in fictionalised versions of the profession, newly qualified legal talent always has a mentor or senior level support. For fans of Suits, every Mike Ross needs a Harvey Specter. The trouble is that the rates for senior and junior legal counsel are not always clear and don’t reflect the fact juniors rely heavily on their more experienced peers. In this piece, we will examine the relationship between the two rates and look at how technology might impact this going forward. 

Haste makes waste: Why rushing automation in legal may be worse than doing nothing at all

Ed BoalThe legal industry is entering its automation era. This month, Lord Justice Birss shared that he had used ChatGPT to write part of a judgement - the first known use by a British judge. Earlier this year,

Allen & Overy introduced an AI chatbot to help draft contracts and a Thomson Reuters Institute survey found that 82% of the lawyers it surveyed said they believe ChatGPT and generative AI can be readily applied to legal work, with 51% saying it should be applied.

ILTACON 2023: Recap from an International First-Timer

Eva PeetersIn a nutshell, ILTACON, the world's largest legaltech conference, marked its 43rd edition at Disneyworld Orlando. Organized by the International Legal Tech Association (ILTA), this event saw over 3,400 attendees, half of whom were ILTA members. Spread across different hotels, ILTACON featured parallel sessions catering to diverse backgrounds, two expansive exhibition halls spanning over 400,000 square feet, making it an undeniably massive affair.

How Law Firms Can Navigate the End of Microsoft's 2012 Server

Ian BedfordAs the support for Microsoft's Server 2012 and 2012 R2 reaches its end of life, Ian Bedford, general manager for Access Managed Services at Access Legal, discusses the challenges faced by law firms that delay the switch to alternative servers. He also explores how firms can leverage this change to optimise their IT infrastructure.

Software Integrations: The Hidden Key to Maximising Law Firm Efficiency

Tiger Eye logoFrom generative AI to cloud transitions, the legal technology stack has transformed during the last few years – and even months.* The network of systems law firms rely on to deliver legal advice has expanded exponentially, and it is becoming increasingly more complex. Managing all of the siloed applications needed for legal workflows can be a demanding and time-consuming process. This can put significant pressure on a law firm’s IT team. 

Moving from technology competence to adaptability

Bonnie BeuthUsing legal technology is such a fundamental requirement for the modern lawyer that it should no longer be necessary to talk about the need to improve basic skills. However, conversations with technology training and service desk professionals paint a worrying picture in which some of the most commonly used desktop applications are not being used to their full potential simply because of lack of knowledge. 

The Essentials of Information Governance for Law Firms - Part 2

Chris & ChrisIn the first of two articles, Chris Giles and Chris Hockey drew on their experience to suggest why law firms now need to take information governance (IG) more seriously and how they should start with the creation of an IG policy. In this piece we cover how you can then make IG truly effective in the firm via the right steering committee, oversight and controls.  

How do you embed information governance (IG) in a law firm? Ownership is a critical component. Change management needs to be deployed so that everyone in the firm understands the importance of IG and takes some responsibility for their part in it.

Three Proven Methods for Law Firm Innovation

Tiger Eye logoAs legal IT specialists and a full-service iManage Partner, Tiger Eye support customers to work efficiently and boost productivity through technology solutions for every step of the document and email journey. 


With building industry pressure to maintain quality client service and produce increasingly efficient results, it is now more important than ever that firms focus on continuous improvement to meet clients’ needs. However, whilst law firm innovation is an increasingly popular topic in the legal sector (including at key industry events), the process can seem unattainable to some. With big-name global firms investing heavily in product development incubators and online services, it can seem that innovation is only attainable for the largest of firms. 

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