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River House, Blackpool Retail Park, Cork, Ireland, T23 R5TF

Company profile

PE logoLeading global technology providers understand the path to perfection is a constantly evolving journey. Mid-tier firms require continuously evolving technology in a rapidly changing environment. It’s why PracticeEvolve exist; to provide a progressive, reliable Case and Matter Management software with a clear pathway to the Cloud. We are PracticeEvolve and we take responsibility to build tech for you and your future because legal business management, matters. 

Enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Total control –Detailed reports, support and guidance empowers you to control your business.
  • Our one-for-all solution – removes work to link different databases and eases strain placed on architecture
  • Customisation – whether it’s workflows, precedents or forms, the system is easily customisable to your needs
  • Rich features – rather than multiple add-on’s, we include key functionality no other supplier will
  • Mobile – supporting all your requirements when working on the move, our mobile app empowers teams to conduct business and record time wherever they are.

Clients include:

  • Setfords
  • Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors
  • Ellis Jones Solicitors
  • Pepperells Solicitors

Case studies

Integration to ease automation - Hewitts Solicitors are a respected law firm with a family-oriented mindset. With offices in Bishop Auckland, Newton Aycliffe, Darlington, and Stockton-on-Tees, they remain the first point of contact for their local clients. Read case study

Bridging the gap between software and solutions - “Having gone live, our team have adopted PracticeEvolve very quickly, which is a testament both to them and the product itself.” - Nigel Smith, Managing Partner, Ellis Jones. Read case study

Performance-boosting functionality - The deciding factor contributing to PMN Lawyers choice of PracticeEvolve was the overall integration of all aspects of running a modern law firm in a single system, including comprehensive, fully digital matter files. Read case study

Heightened level of performance - Instead of having to pay for tailored reports to be built, Dowson Turco Lawyers found that they had the capability to meet all of their reporting requirements in-house without needing specialist skills. Read case study

Open to innovation - After three decades of using the same practice management system, Sharp Tudhope Lawyers realised that in order to facilitate growth for the next three decades a more modern solution was required. Read case study

Unrestricted access to data - Having spent considerable time investigating several practice management systems available to them, &Legal realised that not all vendors held the same philosophy of openness of data access as PracticeEvolve. Read case study

Making future strides together - Satisfied with the practical, efficiency-boosting functionality of PracticeEvolve technology, Sol-Law were looking forward to working with a provider that had an innovative approach to developing their software and a positive attitude towards their clients. Read case study

Strong foundations - MSJA Lawyers needed a system that included the capability to create tangible efficiencies for case-load management and enable the MSJA leadership team to keep a firm grip on the financial pulse of the firm. Read case study


Why is now a good time to review your software stack?

For years now, businesses have battled with the question – when is the best time to review my software? When it is end of life? When there are better options available to the market? When something goes wrong? 

If I’m honest, there is no best time to do this. Right now, the economic outlook isn’t looking particularly great for businesses – we have had a pandemic, a war in Europe leading to a cost of living crisis, not to mention a battle closer to home in number 10. We are in an unofficial recession and consumer confidence has fallen to it’s lowest point since 2008, according to GFK.

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Making the most of the software you employ

Since the year 2000, the global e-learning market has grown by 900 percent, with attention to 2020, where the demand for professional learning during the pandemic grew exponentially. As a direct result of COVID-19, business dynamics were shifted and many employees adopted a hybrid approach to working, meaning focus quickly shifted within businesses internally, to employee knowledge and competence.

Combine this with the fact businesses tend to only utilise up to 40% of the software they have installed (in many cases even less), and a knowledge gap is created, consequently reducing the return on any investment. Taking a closer look into understanding why this is the case, may subsequently provide solutions to business wanting to be more cost efficient, productive and competitive. Is it due to lack of training, a watering down of the knowledge over years, or just a simple lack of budget to invest in regular training?

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