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The 90 Days LegalTech Challenge on LinkedIn

Ana María AlvarezDid you already hear about the 90 Days LegalTech Challenge? An interesting initiative by Ana Alvarez, a Columbian lawyer and legal innovation enthusiast.

The Challenge aims to raise awareness about innovative, customer centric and empathic LegalTech solutions.

The purpose is to highlight the importance of the problem (pain point) and the aspects that make the solution customer centric. 

The Challenge covers a broad range of solutions, from those that improve the practice of law (like practice management systems and contract management platforms) to solutions which re-think the access to legal services, like online dispute resolution platforms.

A typical Challenge post includes the following information: 

  • Problem
  • Solution 
  • Main customer
  • Empathic, innovative and customer-centric (aspects)
  • Official website 

Moreover, every eight to nine days, a recap is published. This recap-post has a summary of the solutions of the past days and a link to the updated 90 days LegalTech Challenge Index. 

You can keep up with the challenge, just follow the #90dayslegaltechchallenge hashtag on LinkedIn. If you have a suggestion, an idea to collaborate or just want to have a conversation about these topics, Ana is always willing to have a talk, collaborate and co-create. 

About Ana 

Ana practiced as a lawyer in Colombia for two and half years, before she moved to Singapore to pursue her master’s in law (National University of Singapore) where she started her journey as a legal innovator. 

Ana is currently on an experimental legaltech – innovation trip around Europe. The goal of this trip is to connect and engage with the community in the region and to explore different opportunities to pursue.


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