Lathrop & Gage Selects IntApp Open to Simplify and Speed New Business Intake
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IntApp logoIntApp, Inc., provider of innovative software products that enable law firms to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace, today announced that Lathrop & Gage, a full-service law firm with more than 320 lawyers working across 11 offices nationally, has selected IntApp Open to streamline and automate its new business acceptance practices.

"Effective business approval is the lifeblood of every law firm. We sought to invest in a product that we could deploy quickly, reconfigure easily as our needs evolve, and maintain ourselves over the long term," said Sean Power, Chief Information Officer, Lathrop & Gage LLP. "We considered many options and settled on IntApp Open for the high-quality user and IT experience it offers. The product aligns precisely with our larger risk management and data governance objectives. IntApp has delivered something really special here, and we're proud to be at the forefront of a better way to manage new business intake."

The Need for Fast, Flexible, Frictionless New Business Intake

Today, multiple market trends are putting new pressures on law firms to transform the way they evaluate and engage new business. These include clients with increasing service expectations, and a risk landscape with evolving regulatory rules, compliance requirements and professional standards. In response, firms are looking to increase the sophistication, efficiency and agility of their intake processes to better align client selection and terms of business with overall strategy, service models and internal policies.

Remaining competitive in this challenging environment requires a simplified, refined and innovative approach to new business inception. This innovation must address not only how intake processes are designed and executed, but also how they are updated and adapted over time in response to changing needs, how individuals interact with the software used to administer them, and how the entire system enables management of the complete client engagement and matter lifecycle. In short, inception must evolve.

IntApp Open – Intelligence Applied

IntApp Open is a true new business intake application. It doesn't require firms to wrestle with development tools like Visual Studio and Windows Workflow, or write a single line of custom code. It doesn't complicate process design and management by requiring the use of Visio, SharePoint or other third-party tools or plug-ins. And it doesn't rely on a vendor services model that backs promises of "templates" and "ease of use" with a consulting team eager to design, build and bill for custom development and change orders (both during initial implementation and throughout the life of the project).


Instead, IntApp took a fresh approach, designed to promote immediate customer self-service and long term customer success.

IntApp Open replaces conventional "build it yourself" workflow software with an application specifically designed to streamline how new clients are evaluated and new matters are created. IntApp Open offers an intuitive, audience-specific user experience, tuned for management, lawyer, IT and risk stakeholders. The product can be deployed quickly, and is easy to configure and adapt over time without engaging external consulting services.

IntApp Open offers unique features, including a flexible business rules engine that enables effective management of practice-specific matter evaluation procedures as well as conflicts clearance practices that may be centralized, distributed among lawyers and practice heads, or both, depending on firm preferences.

The product also includes an integrated question library that provides visibility into the practices, standards and insights developed by industry peers. And it delivers unique value for IT, with an architecture that simplifies change management, data integration and system automation.

"We've seen tremendous response from the legal industry to IntApp Open as firms embrace a fresh approach to managing inception," said Pat Archbold, head of IntApp's Risk Practice Group. "We're proud to count Lathrop & Gage as one of several firms adopting the product and look forward to supporting their ongoing success."


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