Bradford & Barthel Launches Spherical Models Consultancy Focused on Business Model Innovation and Social Technology Integration
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Stand alone consulting practice born out of experience with law firm collaborative cloud integration and big data challenge

Bradford & Barthel LLP (B&B), an industry leader in the aggressive defense of Workers' Compensation, Subrogation, and Employment, and Labor matters, today announced the creation of Spherical Models, a separate business entity built to provide thought leadership, consulting and business advisement focused on spherical business models through innovations in big data, social and collaborative cloud solutions.

The company is headed up by Eric Hunter, B&B’s director of knowledge, innovation and technology strategies, and champion of the firm’s move to 100% cloud based Google Apps environment in 2010.

Spherical Models is focused on evolving global competitive strategy -- the emerging innovation and integration potential derived from consumer search and social media technologies to business driven initiatives. According to Eric Hunter, Spherical Models’ executive director, by establishing structured/unstructured information management and emerging technology strategies, businesses can move in tandem with consumer social technology approaches and leverage big data analytics in their competitive and collaborative business path forward. 

 “Spherical Models is a natural evolution of what Bradford & Barthel has been moving toward the last three years in particular. What started as a collaborative cloud strategy leveraging Google apps quickly turned into social and consumer integration and its adoption within the enterprise,” added Hunter. Once fully integrated, we realized that much more could be gained by collaborating in a spherical or circular manner as opposed to the traditional linear business model. We see each collaboration point within varying aspects of business as intersecting and overlapping spheres of communication. The spherical model builds on itself with continual workflow and innovation potential and is precisely what law firms can be embracing and building to secure their future in a competitive landscape. Our goal is to guide them through this process and help them establish a path forward.” 


Spherical Models’ consultants specialize in:

  • Big & small data analytics/ social to consumer business integration: Will guide clients in developing analytics parameters as well as working models for enterprise driven workflows based on consumer behavior and data.
  • Consumer & social technology innovations workshops: Will use examples of daily, regional and cultural integration from the consumer markets and demonstrate how these might translate for the client enterprise.
  • Competitive strategy: How can organizations take advantage of emerging technologies to become/remain competitive and which type of technologies are leading the way in integrating consumer and enterprise data and workflow?
  • Innovation-driven business strategy: How do we move in tandem with our clients of the future in workflow driven interactions and collaboration?

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