DISCO Partners with vLex to Leverage Legal Industry’s Most Comprehensive Primary Law Database
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DISCO logoDISCO, a leader in AI-enabled legal technology, announced today a new licensing agreement with Fastcase, Inc., part of the vLex group of companies (“vLex”), a global legal intelligence and AI solutions company. This long-term agreement allows DISCO to leverage vLex’s U.S. primary law library, one of the most extensive collections of American legal and regulatory information, which includes a comprehensive library of U.S. federal and state case law, statutes, regulations, court rules, and constitutions.

The company will also receive regular updates for the vLex dataset, ensuring that current and historical knowledge of the law remains an up-to-date asset for customers.


Legal professionals want easy to use technology that reduces time spent on cumbersome tasks, accelerates information synthesis and relevant fact finding, and enables them to focus on delivering great legal outcomes for their clients. With the broad applicability and potential use cases for disseminating this information, DISCO is in process of developing integrated capabilities that incorporate primary law into everyday legal workflows.

“This is an important milestone in the execution of our long-term strategic vision and brings DISCO one step closer towards a truly end-to-end technology platform that effectively handles the most important aspects of complex litigation work,” said Katie DeBord, DISCO’s Vice President of Product Strategy. “We envision a seamless integrated user experience between fact development and legal analysis where litigators can quickly identify relevant legal precedents with similar fact patterns or analyze patterns based on relevant law. It will allow lawyers to dynamically organize the facts of their case and applicable law based on what needs to be proven and disproven, and strategically interface with technology in a way that augments their prosecution of matters from start to finish.”

DISCO is working to incorporate the data into its core platform to further innovate legal analysis capabilities for customers. The company sees numerous opportunities in areas that include creating risk assessments that analyze facts against the relevant law, finding similar fact patterns, using AI to answer complex questions about the law, and identifying case law relevant to the causes of action without needing to use multiple products. Integrating case facts and primary law into a single platform will accelerate DISCO’s ability to serve the needs of legal professionals with more holistic and advanced workflow solutions.

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