Element Technologies Introduces Element Express Data Migration Tool
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Element logoElement Technologies (Element), a premier technology services and IT company with a strong focus on law firms and corporate legal teams, recently introduced Element Express, a new data migration and implementation tool, uniquely developed to help law firms and other organizations cost-effectively transition their Worldox document management system (DMS) to the cloud-based NetDocuments platform.

Element Express is the ideal solution for clients looking for a fast, lower-priced migration that mirrors their existing Worldox design. Element, a NetDocuments Platinum Partner, has performed over 350 DMS NetDocuments implementations, including hundreds from Worldox, was determined to eliminate the burdensome commitment of time and cost by providing a tool that drastically eases the transition.


Since its introduction, 75+ law firms and corporate legal teams have used Element Express as part of their Worldox to NetDocuments implementation. Firms can access Element Express directly through Element or utilize a selection of other IT and service partners who have specifically licensed Element Express.

“With the acquisition of Worldox by NetDocuments, we recognized the need for a seamless and cost-effective transition for existing customers … Element Express is a manifestation of that reality,” stated Chris Dunsford, Document Solutions Manager, Element Express.

In addition to data conversion and implementation, the Element team foresaw the need for user adoption as part of the “Express Experience” and includes comprehensive training as part of the implementation package to ensure users can effectively leverage the NetDocuments platform right from the start.

“Imagine Element Express as a reliable forklift, efficiently transporting a pallet of data from one platform to another,” added Dunsford.

Family Investment Center chose Element Technologies and its Element Express tool in large part due to the condensed implementation time frame, almost 40% shorter than alternative proposals, a substantial comparative cost saving of 73%, and the inclusion of NetDocuments user and onboarding training through Element University and their NetDocuments certified training team.

For more Element Express use cases, click here for more information on leveraging Element Express.


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