Award-Winning US Firm Pryor Cashman Adopts Tiger Eye Tools for iManage
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Tiger Eye logoAward-winning US firm Pryor Cashman has announced its adoption of two Tiger Eye Tools for iManage, designed and delivered by leading iManage Partner Tiger Eye.

The firm has adopted Tiger Eye Migration Duo and Tiger Eye GDPR Delete from the Tiger Eye Tools suite as part of the organisation’s digital transformation strategy.


Named the number one midsize law firm in New York by Vault, Pryor Cashman has offices in New York, Los Angeles and Miami and represents clients in a range of industries from banking and finance to media and entertainment. The firm’s two Tiger Eye Tools were rolled out in 2022 and are already helping Pryor Cashman’s IT team to streamline document and email management workflows.

Dual-component migration solution Tiger Eye Migration Duo is supporting the firm with the staff onboarding process. Using the tool, new starters’ previous client and matter documentation is efficiently imported to Pryor Cashman’s central DMS once staff join the firm. With Tiger Eye Migration Duo’s ability to apply filters to content sources and filter by date range, document type, document class and more, the solution is enabling Pryor Cashman’s IT team to import legacy data for new starters with pinpoint accuracy. The tool’s export functionality is also being used for moving data away from the firm’s iManage system when needed, with migration tasks easily managed through the solution’s user-friendly interface. 


Tiger Eye GDPR Delete, a powerful data deletion tool for mass and small-scale deletions, is ensuring that Pryor Cashman’s IT staff are not burdened with time-consuming content deletion processes. The solution, which empowers users to delete workspaces, folders and documents with ease, is mitigating the need for the firm’s technical team to manually delete content, such as for compliance purposes. Through the tool’s intuitive interface, Pryor Cashman’s team are able to schedule comprehensive custom deletion tasks, with documents, emails and metadata deleted. Supported by Tiger Eye GDPR Delete’s ‘Pre-Flight Check Mode’, the firm’s technical team are also able to run mock deletion tasks to analyse targeted workspaces and folders before permanently deleting data. 

Manny Alsayidi, Information Security & Application Support Manager, commented: “Using Tiger Eye’s effective iManage tools, the firm is recording significant improvements in our data migration and deletion workflows. Both solutions have proven to be invaluable for helping us to maintain our iManage database.”

Dave Wilson, Managing Director of Tiger Eye, added: “We are delighted to share Pryor Cashman’s adoption of our Tiger Eye Tools, and it is great to see the real time-saving benefits the solutions are delivering for the firm. Pryor Cashman was the first American firm to join Tiger Eye’s client base, and we aim to expand on our US presence in the coming months.” 

About Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye are the leading iManage Partner for Knowledge and Technical Expertise. Contact Tiger Eye to learn more about their knowledge tools for iManage including Tiger Eye Blueprint: the knowledge curation, collation and collaboration solution seamlessly integrated with iManage Work.

To discover how leading law firms have approached Knowledge Management, explore Tiger Eye’s KM Conversations series via their website.


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