Newswire Launches Microsoft Next-Generation True Cloud Legal Practice Management Solution
USA/Canada News, a premier Microsoft partner launches their new best-in-class, 100% cloud-based Legal solution set, evergreen + empower, built on Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure. evergreen + empower are designed to drive digital transformation and future-proof the modernization of law firms. is bringing the next-generation solution built around the way lawyers work. Clients, in concert with organizations around the world, are experiencing the largest digital transformation in history. To meet this challenge, introduces a true cloud-based family of applications, designed with flexibility in mind, a robust end-to-end Practice Management Solution family for law firms powered by the billable hour.

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evergreen is a complete end-to-end Practice Management Solution that has been thoughtfully designed for the complexities of today’s cloud-enabled law firms. The heart of evergreen, the processing and transactional engine for core legal functions, delivers Financial Management, Matter Management, Time and Billing, and Budgeting with built-in ethical walls and role-based security. evergreen is also a launch pad for client and peer collaboration, reducing the law firm’s dependency on third party applications, improving performance, and connecting critical areas to enhance and enrich the attorney experience.

empower is a suite of rich, interactive, and adaptable user experiences based on standard attorney and management roles. empower is designed to ease an attorney’s burdens and increase profitability through productivity by providing simplicity around complex technology challenges faced daily. empower meets attorneys where they are, whether working on the desktop browser, in Microsoft Teams, or on a mobile device.

LinkedIn CEO, Stephen James, comments, “ applications, evergreen + empower, are designed to work on their own or together. The product family provides law firms one version of the truth allowing firms to deploy evergreen or empower independently, fully integrated, or integrated to the finance, billing, or CRM solutions they currently have. products inspire law firms to be better law firms rather than just a better business through efficiency, control, productivity, and quality.”

In addition to building out new products for the legal market, has been investing in talented leadership within the legal industry. With many former LexisNexis employees already on staff, has hired former Thomson Reuters leaders, Vinnie Scarinci, Vice President of Sales, and Val Reese, Vice President of Delivery, to expand their North America footprint. “The company’s new Microsoft offerings significantly mark an important milestone for the legal industry. The practice management space for mid-size and large law firms has been extremely stagnant for the past decade. evergreen + empower bring cutting edge innovation to help solve many overlooked law firm challenges. We believe that the strength of evergreen + empower set a new standard for modernizing the way law firms operate in the digital cloud age,” Scarinci says.


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