Leading Immigration Law Firm Siskind Susser partners with ROSS Intelligence
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ROSS logoSiskind Susser, one of the preeminent immigration law firms and the first in its field to incorporate a web site and create artificial intelligence-based immigration law products has incorporated the ROSS legal research platform into its workflows.

“In the past, a lot of immigration lawyers could get by without really focusing on the quality of their work product” said Greg Siskind, founder partner of Siskind Susser. “Follow the basic recipes and you would get the desired results. The world has changed. Immigration lawyers are now having to present stronger cases and are having to prepare every administrative petition like they may have to litigate on behalf of their clients. We’ve recently had several clients move to our firm from law firms that had been used to easy wins but were unprepared for the new environment. Having outstanding systems to deliver thoroughly prepared petitions on behalf of our clients is why we’re growing rapidly. And having the best legal research tools is critical. ROSS is going to be important to the way we continue to differentiate ourselves from the competition.”

ROSS Intelligence is an artificial intelligence (AI) company founded in 2015 at the University of Toronto, the birthplace of modern AI technology. Utilizing state of the art natural language processing and machine learning technology, ROSS Intelligence creates AI systems designed to enhance a researcher’s abilities at every step of the legal research process.

“I see ROSS as being akin to having an AI law clerk,” said Siskind. “With a good law clerk, I can ask a question in plain English and then get a memo back with information that is on point. And now I can use ROSS in the same way. Our firm bills almost all matters on a flat fee basis. We’re penalized the longer it takes us to handle a matter. So, when we are conducting legal research in an inefficient way, it hits our bottom line. With a tool like ROSS, we’re more likely going to find what we need and find it more quickly, thus improving the quality of our work and making us more profitable. Online legal research has been a field waiting for disruption for years. ROSS is that change agent and the rest of the legal research world is now playing catch up.”

“We’re thrilled to have had Siskind Susser come onboard, and this is a partnership I’ve been look forward to for a long time,” said Andrew Arruda, co-founder and CEO of ROSS Intelligence. “As soon as ROSS expanded its coverage into all areas of law this summer, I ensured we reached out to the firm because they are exactly the type of team we love to work with – tech forward, client focused, and entrepreneurial.”


One of the reasons for bringing ROSS onboard with the firm was the difference it provides right now, but also its pace of growth. “I think there’s a reason the firm that introduced AI to legal research was a startup like ROSS Intelligence instead of the twin behemoths Lexis and Westlaw,” said Siskind. “Those products have been around for decades and haven’t had the incentive to dramatically improve efficiency and lower costs for their customers – quite the opposite. Those tools are built on old human-built, hard-coded platforms. ROSS, by using artificial intelligence training via neural networks and deep learning, is already proving superior. Westlaw and Lexis will eventually have to redesign their legacy products, but I’d rather use a product that’s already  leading in the field and can adapt and change quickly as the tools improve.”

Founded in 1994, Siskind Susser, PC is one of the most recognizable names in immigration law. The firm handles all aspects of American immigration and nationality law and represents clients ranging from individuals in family-based and removal matters to representing some of the largest companies in the world with their global immigration needs.

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Since its founding, Siskind Susser has been at the forefront of technology, having been not only the first immigration firm to have a web site, but also the first to distribute a newsletter via email, have a blog and create artificial intelligence-based immigration law products. The firm is also nationally recognized for its scholarship, with a number of books written by the firm’s attorneys having been published by Westlaw, the American Bar Association, LexisNexis, and the Society for Human Resource Management. The firm’s lawyers have also been at the forefront not just of practicing immigration law, but in shaping it as well, having written sections of the Immigration and Nationality Act, numerous immigration-related bills that have been introduced by members of both major political parties, and assisted state and federal agencies in designing immigration-related regulations and guidance, as well as participating in high impact litigation challenging government regulations and policies that affect the whole field of immigration.


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