Layzells Solicitors switch to BigHand Professional
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BigHand Lexpo logoLayzells Solicitors, a leading North London-based legal practice specialists in property and private client matters, has switched from a stand-alone Digital Dictation system to BigHand’s SaaS cloud-based solution to take advantage of their unparalleled Technical Support team.

Eleni Prodromou, Partner at Layzells Solicitors explains the reasons behind the move: “Previously we had a stand-alone system that really wasn’t that responsive.  We seemed to encounter problems on a daily basis and ran into issues with the provider’s Support Team. This meant that technical problems took days to resolve, delaying client work and ultimately leading to lower client satisfaction.  We needed to find a solution that could keep up with our fast-paced work load and enable us to deliver legal solutions in a more timely manner.  After reviewing the options for small to medium sized practices, BigHand was the obvious choice.  They were able to offer us a solution with many Enterprise-level technology capabilities at a competitive price.” 

Today, Layzells Solicitors has 20 users benefiting from BigHand Professional including 12 Fee Earners and 8 Secretaries across their London office.  Eleni comments: “Fee Earners are relying on the technology more than ever.  Since we implemented BigHand late last year, 4,391 Dictations have been sent for transcription – all with no issues.”   With BigHand data centers providing 99.9% availability and an option to continue working in offline mode within the application should a client lose their internet connection for any reason, BigHand Professional is the perfect choice for firms with under 30 users.

 “Because we have a secure platform in place and are no longer calling support on a weekly basis, Fee Earners are keen to try out all the aspects of Digital Dictation that they hadn’t previously used”.  Eleni adds, “A BigHand Professional licence comes with the ability to dictate from a smartphone, so our Fee Earners have been working from home and on the move, Dictating letters to clients and creating correspondence from their iPhone, ready to send straight to secretaries in the office.”


Looking forward, Layzells Solicitors is now in the process of scaling up their use of BigHand and giving Fee Earners access to BigHand Speech Recognition, a tool that will enable Fee Earners to automatically convert their voice into text.  Eleni concludes, “With the technical support that BigHand provide, and with BigHand Professional being on the Cloud, it means that we can scale up whenever we need to, without being limited by an expensive user licensing model that has no flexibility and worrying that we might get into technical difficulties.  We are extremely happy with the choice we have made and now have a secure Digital Dictation platform that gives us the functionality we need, when we need it.”


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