Wedlake Bell moves to SharePoint 2013 with Sysero
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Sysero logo Multiple intranets and know-how rolled into Microsoft’s latest platform

Following a successful implementation of the Sysero Knowledge Builder (SyseroKB) application, Wedlake Bell are migrating their exiting intranets and know-how into a single SharePoint 2013 platform.

Following a recent merger, Wedlake Bell had to support several intranet platforms, file shares and DMS databases to deliver internal knowledge. The first step was to consolidate the most important data, the in-house precedents, into a single system. This required all precedents to adopt a single company style and required a tool that allows flexible document metadata and taxonomy classification. Whilst SharePoint was the obvious candidate for storing the precedents, IT Manager Riana Nel had to turn to Sysero Ltd for a tool that could migrate precedents into the platform simply and efficiently. “We were using Sysero consultants to help with the style changes and macros, but we needed to store the precedents using more metadata than our DMS provides.”

In October 2012 Information Services Technical Assistant Cordelia Iezekeil was tasked with working with each Practice to identify the most important precedent documents and classify these into the new system. After 6 weeks of intensive work the system, SyseroKB was deployed to the entire Firm. According to Cordelia - “I have been organising precedents/document production for near on 20 years now and this is probably the easiest and most straightforward way of working that I’ve ever used. “

Sysero Managing Director Phil Ayton was keen that Wedlake Bell should build on the initial success by delivering the know-how using the latest version of SharePoint. “SyseroKB allows firms to get know-how into SharePoint and use it inside Word and Outlook. The same precedents can be accessed using our Sysero Infobank SharePoint webpart, which combined with the standard features of SharePoint, and the new look and feel of SharePoint 2013, gives Wedlake Bell a flexible and interactive way of managing internal content.”


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