Dye & Durham launches revolutionary Unity Global Platform, offering first-of-its-kind user experience to UK law firms
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Dye & Durham logoDye & Durham Limited, a leading provider of cloud-based, efficient workflow software for legal and business professionals, today announced plans to revolutionise the legal practice experience with the launch of the Unity® Global Platform in the United Kingdom. 

The new Unity® Global Platform, launching in October, will provide everything a legal practice needs, from client intake, due diligence, task and workflow management, trust and firm accounting, to document management and much more – in one single destination.


The Unity® Global Platform provides a new way for UK legal professionals to gain maximum value from Dye & Durham solutions, helping them increase efficiency each day and making it easier for them to grow faster and with less effort. 

Unity® global will make it more streamlined for customers across the UK to access a range of products and services in one location, with one login and on one bill. The global nature of the platform ensures that users in all markets benefit from the same one-stop user experience in every market – a significant benefit for UK firms that operate in multiple countries.

“Today’s announcement fundamentally reinvents how UK legal professionals access the software applications they rely on every day to efficiently and profitably manage their business. Simply put, we’ve brought together everything that a small or mid-sized firm needs to operate into one single destination, removing friction from every aspect of their business in a way that no other legal technology provider can match,” says Matthew Proud, Chief Executive Officer, Dye & Durham. “By offering a single global platform for essential, industry-leading software solutions, we’re positioned more strongly than ever to lead the legal technology industry.”

The Unity® Global Platform and its suite of applications empower Dye & Durham’s UK customers to seamlessly run their practice and focus on their clients and growing their business, while automating or streamlining time-intensive aspects of daily law firm management. 

Firms will have everything they need to run a thriving practice, including: 

  • Complete practice management via Quill, a Dye & Durham solution
  • Conveyancing-specific workflows that make managing a property transaction more efficient
  • Due diligence reports for both property and corporate transactions so law firms and their clients can make decisions with confidence
  • Fast and reliable company formations services
  • Trust and firm accounting
  • Document management and storage.

These essential applications will all be easily accessible from a single landing page, across the UK.

The Unity® Global Platform will continue to evolve to provide ever-greater benefit to UK legal professionals. Advancements planned for the coming months include seamless integration between Dye & Durham’s data and insights (e.g. search) and practice management (e.g. accounting) capabilities, enhanced client onboarding tools and a robust, singular conveyancing report designed to improve how solicitors complete property transactions. 

Enhanced post-completion solutions that enable solicitors and conveyancers to quickly and efficiently satisfy two critical UK government requirements – Stamp Duty Land Tax and Digital Registration Service applications – will also be available through the fully integrated Unity® platform.


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