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LawtechUK logoLawtechUK is the groundbreaking initiative aimed at spearheading the digital transformation of the legal sector in the United Kingdom, backed by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).  As of April 2023, LawtechUK is managed by CodeBase and Legal Geek, on behalf of the MoJ, and is set to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and revolutionise the delivery of legal services through the strategic integration of technology. 

LawtechUK will showcase the UK as a leading place for lawtech innovation, raising the quality of start-ups and generating industry-level views to shape the country’s lawtech agenda. It will also support the work of the UK Jurisdiction Taskforce, an industry-led body which promotes the use of English law alongside digital legal innovations worldwide.  


Justice Minister Mike Freer said, “The LawtechUK programme supports the market to develop the technology it needs to drive modernisation and deliver first-class legal services. To date it has been hugely successful in acting as a catalyst to the sector.”

LawtechUK represents an unparalleled opportunity for the legal sector to embrace the digital age, laying the foundation for a more accessible, efficient, and innovative legal landscape. To help achieve this, LawtechUK is encouraging legal professionals and tech enthusiasts to engage with this exciting journey of transformation.

LawtechUK has three key objectives: 

  1. Support the growth of the lawtech sector in the UK
  2. Increase innovation and the adoption of lawtech in the delivery of UK legal services
  3. Enable English and Welsh law and the UK’s jurisdictions to become the foundation for emerging technology

Education programmes and events to help drive lawtech growth

LawtechUK will be running a series of free education programmes designed to support lawtech founders as well as organisations interested in harnessing the benefits of innovation for their legal operations.  These programmes include:

  • Lawtech Fundamentals - a self-paced online course for anyone interested in lawtech startups or in the ideation process
  • Lawtech Builder - a cohort-based programme for current or prospective founders ready to move beyond ideation and to launch an MVP to the lawtech market
  • Lawtech Scaler - an intensive, interactive, cohort-based programme for lawtech founders ready to take their MVP to the next level. Participants will learn how to build early traction tactics and long-term growth strategies
  • Lawtech Mentoring - an objective-led mentoring programme, connecting startups and scaleups to a mentor within the LawtechUK network who can support in working toward startup/business objectives
  • Lawtech Bridge - brings startups and established legal market players together to share and drive innovation

In addition to this comprehensive set of programmes, LawtechUK is also running a number of events around the country including an investment event (3 October 2023), bringing together investors and funders to highlight the opportunity to invest in UK legaltech; an official fringe event at Birmingham Tech Week (19 October 2023); and hosting one day LawtechUK events in Manchester (1 November 2023) and Belfast (29 November 2023).

The LawtechUK Panel

At the helm of LawtechUK's strategic direction is the distinguished 12-strong LawtechUK Panel, established in 2018 by the Secretary of State for Justice. This panel is made up of experts from both the public and private sectors, providing invaluable guidance and insights to drive LawtechUK's transformative agenda. The panel, chaired by Christina Blacklaws (former President of the Law Society of England and Wales (July 2019)), consists of influential figures such as Sir Geoffrey Vos (Master of the Rolls and the Head of Civil Justice in England and Wales);  Richard Susskind (President of the Society for Computers and Law and, since 1998 Technology Adviser to the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales) and  Mimi Zou (Director of Studies in Law at Regent's Park College), each contributing their unique perspectives and expertise.

LawtechUK’s delivery partners

As of April 2023, LawtechUK is being delivered by Code Base and Legal Geek. CodeBase is a distinguished tech ecosystem support organisation that has nurtured over 500 start-ups and scale-ups, raising a staggering £4 billion collectively.  Legal Geek was founded in 2015, a premier community of legal professionals and lawtech enthusiasts, dedicated to fostering innovation through events and initiatives across the world. 

Together they share a commitment to catalyzing collaboration among start-ups, corporates, academia, government and the third sector which aligns with LawtechUK's vision for a dynamic and cutting-edge legal landscape. They bring to LawtechUK an unparalleled pool of insights, knowledge, and networks to drive the future of the legal industry.

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