Barings Law doubles monthly case load, powered by Zoho One
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Zoho logoBarings Law, a leading law firm based in the North West of England, has made a significant shift in its technology strategy by consolidating apps from an array of different providers to Zoho One, a comprehensive suite of 55+ business applications, enabling the firm to double its monthly case load. 

The switch was driven by the firm’s need for a user-friendly and cost-effective solution that could streamline its operations, automate many of its processes, provide a secure way for staff to work from home effectively, improve customer experience and offer scalability for growth.

As a primarily litigious law firm specialising in areas such as PCP claims, business energy claims, business interruption cases, undisclosed commission claims, and immigration cases, Barings Law focuses on making justice accessible to all. For example, it currently helps individuals fleeing Ukraine with pro-bono asylum applications.


Melanie Cope Machial, Head of Marketing and Technology at Barings Law, commented around the switch from “dinosaur software” to Zoho: “Technology is not quite where it should be for law firms, so thank goodness we found Zoho. Any business can hit the ground running from the moment they sign up with Zoho – it’s easy to understand how to use by any user skillset and we can now provide our clients with the most seamless experience possible. Previously we used many disjointed applications with a lot of providers which was chaotic to stay on top of. We had problems with customisation which needed additional costly input from outsourced specialists and we can now do that with ease ourselves.

“We have barely scratched the surface on Zoho One’s applications and it’s very reassuring to know that as we grow as a law firm, Zoho One’s apps can scale with us. Staff have so much more freedom and autonomy using Zoho One. Our teams can now focus on the legal stuff which is really what matters.”

Sachin Agrawal, Head of UK at Zoho Corporation added, "Zoho One can significantly transform a business, making it truly remarkable to witness the extent of the positive changes it can bring. It's fantastic to see the dramatic impact Barings Law has seen across its entire business and to understand just how much it has saved in costs alone. We work hard to continuously improve our product suite and look forward to continuing to work with Barings to scale with them as they grow. Innovation is often difficult in some of the more traditional industries, but with Zoho One there are so many options for businesses to innovate within industry requirements and frameworks to improve processes and differentiate in increasingly competitive markets."

Barings acted on a partner recommendation to evaluate Zoho One and after comparing with several other providers found it to be a ‘no-brainer’ to make the switch. The firm used Zoho One to build an integrated case management platform to handle everything from client onboarding to litigation and settlement. With around half a million clients, thousands and thousands of cases per month are now handled using the platform and after switching to Zoho, Barings Law was able to double its monthly case load. 

Barings switched from Pipedrive to Zoho CRM, which is now used as the central single source of truth for its approximately 500,000 clients. It was also using Proclaim for case management software, which is now also managed via Zoho CRM. It switched from DocuSign to Zoho Sign to manage the highly important secure signing of legal documentation; from Sprout Social to Zoho Social to manage its social media campaigns; and from Mailchimp to Zoho Campaigns to handle email campaigns. 


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