New AI service launches to help create property-related legal documents
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Lisa logoA suite of tools has been launched that will help landlords, tenants, owners and property entrepreneurs create legal documents without the need to consult costly human lawyers.

Robot Lawyer LISA’s new services allow users to create business leases, residential leases and lodger agreements together with the other party, saving potentially thousands of pounds in legal costs. LISA’s machine impartiality means it can act on behalf of both the creator of the document and receiver, negating the need for human lawyers for both parties.

LISA already offers a free non-disclosure agreement (NDA) service. The same technology, imbued with human legal and commercial insight has been used to develop these three new tools.

These new tools are not only more cost-effective than visiting a human lawyer but it also takes less time. The process of creating a document can also be started anywhere in the world, at any time, on any device.

Chrissie Lightfoot, co-founder of Robot Lawyer LISA, said: “We’ve always been looking at other ways LISA can support businesspeople, industries and consumers in their professional and personal lives now, aligned with trends and projections surrounding the way that we will all live, work, communicate and behave in the robot age in the months and years ahead. We’ve received a huge amount of positive feedback welcoming LISA, and in particular with regard to the convenience and uniqueness of the NDA tool. Users of LISA were keen to express an interest in the kinds of tools we have just released, amongst others. It’s easy to understand why given that 59% of 20 to 39 year-olds in England will be privately renting by 2025, the number of spare room lodgers in UK has doubled since 2009 and is on an upward trajectory, and the proportion of self-employed workers will be close to 20% by 2025 as per PwC’s 2016 report.”


“Property seemed to be an obvious choice, given the frequency with which agreements need to be drafted whenever properties or units are rented out on either a commercial or residential basis. In the UK, only one in 10 people and businesses take advice from a solicitor or barrister, meaning a huge proportion of small and medium businesses and consumers muddle on without legal representation, because they don’t have the time, resources or feel comfortable talking to a human lawyer. LISA aims to solve that problem, by giving the latent legal market an opportunity to self-help and self-serve by providing them with a convenient way to achieve quality legal insight and advice which they desperately need and want.”

The business lease tool helps commercial property owners and property entrepreneurs, plus business people looking to become a tenant of a suitable unit or premises from which to trade. The service can be used to create a lease for those who are looking to rent a property, whether that’s standalone or in a building with multiple commercial units. 

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The residential lease, also known as a shorthand tenancy agreement, can be used by property owners who want to rent out a house or apartment for six months or more. Tenants might include students, employees or those who don’t own their own home, looking for somewhere to live.

Finally, the lodger agreement is ideal for householders or anyone who has a room in their house that they want to rent out on a full-time or part-time business. Lodgers could include students, those who travel a lot or those who work away from home, looking for a convenient solution.

You can find out more and register for your free demo of Robot Lawyer LISA’s property tools now by going to


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