Posse Herrera Ruiz Enhances Productivity with iManage Work
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iManage logoiManage today announced that Posse Herrera Ruiz (PHR)— a firm of 120 lawyers headquartered in Bogota, Colombia— is using iManage Work to increase the productivity of its professionals. A complete Work Product Management system, iManage Work enables firms to manage documents, emails and more in a single engagement file, with access anywhere, from any device.

In addition to modules that provide tight integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office, the solution also contains a module for offline Work Product Management.

Just weeks after going live with iManage Work, PHR benefitted from this offline functionality when construction in Bogota severed the communication lines connecting the firm’s office to the datacenter hosting their iManage Work implementation. The iManage Work OffSite module enabled PHR’s professionals to continue working with no interruption — most of the lawyers and assistants did not even realize they had temporarily lost access to the servers. 

When communications were restored, 30 minutes later, all documents and files seamlessly synchronized — not one single character in one single document was lost during the incident, according to the firm’s CIO. “In IT, you need to expect the unexpected,” said Juan Carlos, CIO of PHR. “We make our IT purchases accordingly, so that we’re fully prepared in the event of something like an unexpected internet outage. Having iManage Work in place ensured our firm’s daily work didn’t come to a standstill when the internet outage occurred. We were already happy with our purchase of iManage Work, but this event made us even more confident in our decision.”

Initially, PHR had sought out iManage Work as a replacement for its existing document management system, which the firm found unsatisfactory: it was difficult to work with, hard for users to navigate, and deficient in core areas like email management. After researching its options — and talking to other firms to validate its research — PHR chose iManage Work as a replacement and reached out to iManage partner LexSoft Systems to assist with their implementation. 

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“PHR was impressed by the innovation that the new iManage is bringing to its customers and felt that LexSoft’s deep expertise in the legal sector and local presence in Bogota made us an ideal partner to deliver it,” said Carlos Garcia-Egocheaga, general manager of LexSoft. “They also appreciated that we could do more than manage the implementation: we could provide in-depth consulting and best practices around how to structure their folders and organize their information, to make saving and searching for important files easier.” 

From start to finish, the implementation took approximately four months. The solution has been rolled out across all three of PHR’s offices in Colombia, and the firm has plans to look at additional iManage products — like iManage Share for secure collaboration with external parties — in the coming months.

“Today’s professionals need 24x7 access to their work product — whether they’re online or offline — and that’s exactly what iManage Work is delivering to PHR,” said Dan Carmel, iManage CMO. “With iManage Work, PHR’s project teams have anytime access to unified, secure engagement folders where their emails and document attachments are side-by-side with other work product —boosting efficiency, saving valuable time, and making it easier to get work done.”

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