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Time capture specialist rekoop has announced details of its first major project in South Africa. Leading intellectual property firm DM Kisch is now live with over 100 staff using the platform, which has been successfully integrated with the incumbent Patricia PMS. 

The roll-out has seen the introduction of rekoop Desktop, the primary time recording interface; rekoop Digital Footprint, which monitors activity in the background and encourages more accurate, complete time capture through configurable prompts; and rekoop for BlackBerry, enabling the seamless recording of time on a range of handsets.

DM Kisch's Jacques Van Zyl explains the reasons for their choice: “We needed to take a big leap forward in our time recording capability, moving from a slow and unwieldy manual system to a completely automated, seamless and flexible solution. We wanted the whole process to be 'light touch' - easy for our lawyers to do, unobtrusive, quick, able to cope with different user preferences, while still affording us the safeguard as a firm that all time would be properly and promptly captured.   

When we first saw rekoop, we were immediately taken with the simplicity and slickness of the native interfaces, interfaces that also translated effortlessly onto the mobile platform, which appealed strongly to the younger lawyers. The Digital Footprint (DF), with its options for an active or more passive approach to time recording, also allowed us to address user concerns that we were going to enforce a set way of working - on the contrary, with DF, everyone can work how they want to.


Such has been its immediate impact that we estimate the system paid for itself within the first week by virtue of the extra billable hours captured by just one single fee earner.”

Phil Wedgwood, rekoop's chief executive, is pleased to see client recognition of the software's inherent flexibility. “Positive user adoption of time recording tools is absolutely essential for success and we've focused very hard on making it appeal across the generations, across device preferences and across styles of working. So 'as you go' or 'at the end' data entry, individual prompts or collective reports, desktop or mobile, there are the choices available to ensure a good 'fit' with everyone. Add in the intuitive interface with its negligible training requirement and you have yourself that 'light touch' solution to put an end to the heavy going that so often plagues time recording.”


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