DocAuto Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation with a New Website
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DocAuto logoDocAuto Solutions Help Organizations Control SharePoint and iManage Environments

DocAuto, a globally trusted provider of enterprise content management solutions, is pleased to announce its 20th anniversary of partnering with organizations around the world to help them successfully gain control of mission-critical SharePoint and iManage environments.

To commemorate this milestone, the company has unveiled a newly designed website that highlights DocAuto’s latest product innovations to help IT and business leaders run more agile, secure, and collaborative businesses.

Since 1997 DocAuto has been providing unparalleled software solutions to meet the complex enterprise content management (ECM) needs. Today, IT and business leaders look to DocAuto to better gain control of their ECM environments, like SharePoint. The power of these ECM systems and the resulting complexities have gotten out of hand, and leaders are looking for a better, simpler way to gain control of the chaos, and help move the business forward.

DocAuto’s new SPorganizer™ and ePredict™ for SharePoint solutions are built to give organizations greater control of every aspect of their SharePoint environments. The solutions make it easy for organizations to centrally manage, secure, and share information, while continuously adapting to changing business needs. Once DocAuto solutions are set up, organizations can easily process business requests within hours instead of months. They can actively drive strategic initiatives instead of wasting valuable IT resources on mundane tasks. Additionally, businesses can move forward quickly with confidence that their intellectual property and mission-critical content is secure.


For instance, Keoghs, a large law firm in the UK, created a document management system on the SharePoint platform, but the organization hit a roadblock when it came to figuring out how to get the system to efficiently handle large volumes of e-mail content. According to John Salt, CIO at Keoghs, “More than 95 percent of our transactions are done by e-mail, so it was critically important that we find a solution. DocAuto’s new ePredict solution is filling that gap.”

“As we look back over the last 20 years we are very proud of the successes our customers are achieving with our solutions,” said DocAuto CEO David Kiefer. “We have been on the forefront of developing the most advanced ECM solutions and our customers can count on the pace of innovation to accelerate. Regardless of what system our customers’ data is in or what they want to do with it, the unlimited flexibility of DocAuto solutions puts it to work to fit their requirements.”


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