Intapp Open 2.0 Delivers A Fresh Approach to Law Firm Conflicts Management
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IntApp logoIntapp, Inc., provider of innovative software products that enable law firms to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace, today announced Intapp Open 2.0, a major update to its industry-changing new business acceptance application. Intapp Open delivers unique data integration, search, reporting, resolution and collaboration features, all through a straightforward, consumer-grade user interface.

The net result – conflicts management transformed from a chore to a competitive advantage, providing a simpler, faster and more intuitive experience to all who participate in the process.

The Need for Modernizing Business Intake and Conflicts Management

Today, multiple market trends are putting new pressures on law firms to transform the way they evaluate and engage new business. These include clients with increasing service expectations and a risk landscape with evolving regulatory rules, compliance requirements and professional standards. In response, firms are looking to increase the sophistication, efficiency and agility of their business acceptance processes to better align client selection and terms of business with overall strategy, service models and internal policies. 

Remaining competitive in this challenging environment requires a simplified, refined and innovative approach to new business inception. This innovation must address not only how intake and conflicts resolution processes are designed and executed, but also how they are updated and adapted over time in response to changing needs, how individuals interact with the software used to administer them, and how the entire system enables management of the complete client engagement and matter lifecycle. In short, inception must evolve.


Intapp Open – Intelligence Applied, Conflicts Resolved

Intapp Open is a true new business acceptance application. It jettisons the overhead, expense and delay that come with alternative approaches, including dependence on vendor consultants to modify so-called “configurable” application processes or modify reports. Instead, Intapp took a fresh approach, designed to promote immediate customer self-service and long term customer success.

Intapp Open is the result of a multi-year R&D initiative that included input from an advisory group comprising law firms, insurance providers and other industry experts. This collaboration resulted in the development of unique features, including a flexible business rules engine that helps simplify and speed conflicts reporting, analysis and resolution. And it supports conflicts clearance practices that may be centralized, distributed among lawyers and practice heads, or both, depending on firm preferences. 

“We’re excited by the incredibly enthusiastic reception Intapp Open has received in the market, with adoption by firms with as few as seventy and as many as several thousand lawyers,” said Pat Archbold, head of Intapp's Risk Practice Group. “It’s no secret that the legal industry is hungry for a fresh approach to new business intake and conflicts management. With Intapp Open 2.0, we continue to deliver the innovation and customer service that law firms deserve.”


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