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Tikit logoBringing a new reporting engine, simple UI and enhanced social integration to law firm marketing

Since partnering with BT in January 2013, Tikit has continued to grow and invest heavily in its products and services portfolio, including the eMarketing solution which is the gold standard for integration with InterAction. As a result of this investment, eMarketing versions 5 has now launched - with a completely rewritten reporting engine, new interfaces for ReAction Server and eMerge and extended social functionality.

Simon Elven, Managed Services Director, commented: "We talk to our eMarketing clients whenever we can so that our product iterations meet the market's need.  This time around the demand was for a simpler UI and more powerful reporting.  That's what this new version is now based around, so we think it'll hit the spot with our 250 or so law firm clients.  There's a lot of development activity going on at Tikit at the moment, and it's great to have so much to offer our future customers” 

Tikit clients have been anticipating the launch with great interest. Sarah Parker, Senior CRM Systems Manager, Shoosmiths commented "having seen a recent demonstration of version 5, we are planning to install it as soon as possible. The enhanced reporting platform looks exciting and the ability to gather intelligence on the mailings we do will give Business Development huge back end efficiency gains.  I can't wait to start using it!"

Increased business value from eMarketing version 5 updates:

  • An interface that's easier to use, faster social sharing - eMerge now has a ribbon-led look and feel consistent with the Office 2010 design. The ribbon demonstrates a logical series of steps for creating a campaign and brings to the foreground the most popular menu items. It makes eMerge simpler for a first-time user, and will give experienced users a sequential way of looking at the building of a campaign.  New social tags in eMerge allow quick sharing of content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+.
  • ReAction Server makeover and new “Editor” function - ReAction Server now boasts greater context-sensitive help and popups to guide new users around the tool.  We've removed the wizard-like behaviour in favour of a simpler, tab-based, layout which allows seamless movement between tabs.  New editor functionality means there's no need to cut and paste 'raw' HTML in order to, for instance, create a branded confirmation email following event acceptance.  And, users can now have multiple ReAction Server forms open simultaneously for editing should they want to cut and paste information between them.  Previewing, both within the product and with Litmus, has been made simpler and we have included the ability to email log files along with a support query in the same way that is possible from eMerge
  • A robust platform for new functionality - We've migrated eMarketing from XML files to SQL, providing a robust platform for the all-new functionality and for yet more development and improvement that's in plan for the future. This database will give the web console faster response times for reporting and will enable a much richer reporting experience.
  • Continued development investment all over the Tikit product portfolio - With this new version of eMarketing, the forthcoming update to Template Management System and the recent expansion of what's included in the Carpe Diem license, Tikit continues to invest in its clients.  With the power of the BT brand and network behind it and the sector-leading expertise, autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit carried over from its time as a standalone business, Tikit is uniquely positioned to provide technology excellence to law firms wherever they are in the world.



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