Prosperoware Announces New Product for Bulk Import of Email into iManage Worksite
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Prosperoware logoMilan Email Import processes thousands of emails concurrently without tying up the desktop

Prosperoware today announced a new software offering, Milan Email Import, designed to help firms that use iManage WorkSite as their document management system to import and categorize email more efficiently.

With the recent focus on regulation requiring firms to retain email associated with legal matters, firms are scrambling to import years of legacy email associated with old, inactive legal matters into WorkSite. Because the number of legacy emails can number in the tens of thousands, current processes often create a system bottleneck that ties up the user's desktop or creates a backlog in the WorkSite Communication Server, preventing current email from being filed. 

Users often have idiosyncratic folder structures for organizing their email-by issue, by client, by type of litigation, for example. Milan Email Import allows users to preserve their organizational structure when they import email into WorkSite, relieving them of the time-consuming process of reorganizing their email to fit current email filing protocols. 

Because it works in the background as a web-based process, Milan Email Import enables users to concurrently work on their desktop while they import legacy email in bulk into WorkSite. Milan Email Import also helps firms manage and categorize email associated with lateral moves by their lawyers as well as file transfers and email associated with employees leaving the firm.  By making it easy to import email, Milan helps firms reduce the strain on their email servers from both a cost and performance perspective. Milan also mitigates the risk associated with not keeping email, which is especially important to law firms, which can be held liable for deleting email associated with legal matters.


Lawyers and law firms around the world are required to categorize their email into matters. This duty stems from the fundamental fact that the client owns the file, including any external correspondence and most internal correspondence. Clients can request a copy of their matter file at any time. Not keeping email that is critical to the firm or to a client's defense can have serious ramifications, such as litigation over spoliation of data or absorbing the costs for reproducing the matter file in its entirety, including emails.

“Many of our clients are trying to make sure that email is filed properly with policies we call 'file or die,'” said Keith Lipman, president and cofounder of Prosperoware.  “These firms are establishing a specific window of time, anywhere from 30 days to 120 days, for retaining email. Email that is not filed in the document  management system in that window is automatically deleted. The size and quantity of legacy email in people's inbox must be addressed before they can put those policies in place. Our Email Import product makes importing and categorizing legacy email a very straightforward process.”


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