Firmex Virtual Data Rooms Achieves Impressive Customer Satisfaction Results
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Firmex logoFirmex Virtual Data Rooms announces impressive results from its latest Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, indicating strong levels of customer satisfaction. Firmex is a cloud-based virtual data room solution used by finance, legal and corporate professionals to securely share large volumes of sensitive documents outside the corporate firewall.

As part of its ongoing commitment to listening to customers, Firmex conducts NPS surveys twice a year.

“A significant amount of our new business is driven by referrals, so continuing to track our levels of customer satisfaction is very important,” explained Joel Lessem, CEO of Firmex.

The NPS survey is a customer loyalty metric used by companies to help gauge customer satisfaction. “A lot of companies claim to offer an intuitive, user-centric product and great customer service, but Firmex is able to quantify our customers’ sentiments by using the NPS survey,” said Mr. Lessem.

The survey asks customers to rank a company from 1-10 on the likelihood that they would recommend them. It also includes open-ended questions, where customers can provide feedback. The results are then calculated to determine a company’s overall score. As a general guideline, an NPS score higher than zero is considered to be good, with 50 being excellent.

The NPS survey allows companies to benchmark their efforts against industry standards and world-class companies. Firmex’s latest NPS score (43) exceeds the software industry average (37), surpassing prominent technology brands like Twitter (11), Google Groups (18), Craigslist (29), LinkedIn (30) and Facebook (35). 

Firmex has been conducting NPS surveys for the last 4 years. Their latest results are consistent with those from previous years, indicating long-term levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.


“Last summer we performed the biggest upgrade to our product in the history of the company. Tens of thousands of users were seamlessly migrated over to our new platform. We’re extremely proud that amongst all this change, we were able to maintain our strong NPS results, and even outperform some of the most notable tech brands in the world,” said Mr. Lessem.

In addition to the NPS survey, Firmex also gauges customer satisfaction by polling every customer support call. “Customer service is mission critical to Firmex and a core component of our company’s culture. 95% of our users rate Firmex’s support 5/5 and we make it a priority to follow up with the remaining 5% to improve wherever we can,” said Mr. Lessem.


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