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Summize logoSummize has continued its momentum of world-first innovations by launching the world’s first CLM email assistant, designed specifically for Microsoft Outlook. The new functionality is designed to join the dots of contract workflows by closing the loop on a critical piece of the puzzle, bringing contract processes directly into the popular Outlook email platform.

Whether the legal interface starts in Summize’s popular Salesforce, Teams or Slack integrations, or now in Outlook, anyone in the business can seamlessly manage the contract request process without navigating to a standalone legal tool. 


This is of particular benefit to commercial or sales teams, allowing them to stay within Outlook for contract negotiations and speeding up the review cycle. With automated workflows, templates and clauses set by the legal team, business stakeholders can perform contract-related tasks with ease directly within the window of their emails. 

During negotiations, Summize’s inbuilt AI identifies any attachments in the email, allowing users to seamlessly revise existing requests, attach the latest document and request and store files to and from Summize without having to download and re-upload documents.  

Tom Dunlop, CEO at Summize said: “The Outlook integration is the most exciting thing to come out of our R&D lab this year. We truly believe this innovation closes a workaround gap that exists in every other Contract Lifecycle Management solution on the market. We’ve designed it with the user experience at the core – it’s not just a plug-in integration, it’s a fully immersive, embedded experience within your Outlook mailbox. 


“We know the critical importance of getting users outside of the legal team to adopt legal processes, and putting Summize within Outlook for the wider business makes it easier than ever. We can’t wait to get it into the hands of our existing and new customers.” 

The Summize Outlook experience is available at no additional cost to existing Summize licence holders from this month.


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