MacroAgility Systems Unveils iReports: A Revolutionary Reporting and Data Management Solution for iManage
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MacroAgility logoMacroAgility Systems, a leader in delivering comprehensive document management solutions, today announced the launch of iReports for iManage, an innovative SAAS application designed to revolutionize data reporting and management within the iManage environment.

iReports introduces a suite of powerful features aimed at enhancing data oversight and analysis for iManage data. At the core of iReports is the Comprehensive Data Overview with Initial Collection, which scans all data within the iManage environment, providing administrators with instant reports that facilitate efficient data management. Real-time Updates with Delta Collection offer timely identification of document and file changes, ensuring administrators can track modifications as they occur.


The Dashboard Reports feature stands out by offering a detailed analytics tool for optimal data management, providing key insights into digital environments on storage growth rates, active billable users, and document sizes, among other critical metrics. This tool is instrumental in resource planning and enhancing data integrity across the organization.

iReports also introduces Workspace and Folder Reports for an in-depth examination of infrastructure, aiding in the optimization of workspace and folder management through comprehensive cataloging and the identification of empty or specifically accessible workspaces and folders.

One of the tool’s key benefits is its user-friendly interface, which simplifies complex data into organized CSV outputs, alongside features like Streamlined Trash Management and Visual Analytics. These capabilities make iReports an ideal solution for executive presentations and quick management reviews, aiming to identify and reduce storage footprints efficiently.


Key Benefits of iReports Include:

  • Effortless Integration: Seamlessly integrates with iManage, offering a convenience that revolutionizes reporting metrics within the iManage environment.
  • Efficient Resource Management: Provides detailed insights into the total number and size of folders and files across workspaces, optimizing organizational structure.
  • Advanced Access Control and Security: Enhances data security by pinpointing specific access permissions, ensuring compliance with predefined security standards.
  • Comprehensive Analytics at a Glance: Offers unparalleled views of the digital landscape, enabling strategic data management decisions.

MacroAgility’s mission with iReports is to provide an indispensable tool for iManage users, aiming to optimize document management and storage strategies. iReports simplifies the identification of large files, manages storage, and provides a graphical view of data for easy comprehension and presentation.


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