LTC4 unveils updated learning plans for 2024
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LTC4 logoEach time LTC4 reviews the Learning Plans, they reach out to volunteers from their ever-expanding group of LTC4 licensees worldwide to get a fresh analysis of the competencies. This latest comprehensive overhaul reflects months of collaborative effort positioning LTC4 at the forefront of legal tech competence.

All 10 of the updated LTC4 Learning Plans are now available to existing licensees and new firms who are joining the global LTC4 community.


The updated Learning Plans can be purchased individually or in packages ( They can form the structure for really meaningful training programmes which improve technology skills and also lead to the global industry standard LTC4 Certification for both Legal Professionals & Legal Support Specialists. Each learning plan emphasizes practical, hands-on experience, allowing legal professionals to seamlessly integrate their newfound knowledge into day-to-day operations.

The updated Plans are:

  • Security Awareness – protecting the confidentiality of the firm's documents and information, and guarding against fraud, in line with your own firm's security policies and procedures
  • Working with Legal Documents – increasing efficiency and productivity and reducing risk when preparing, editing and comparing well-formatted legal documents
  • Managing Documents & Emails –promoting consistent, efficient, risk-free and accurate use of any system when saving, filing and sending documents and e-mails
  • Hybrid working - being able to work away from the office efficiently, responsibly and securely is essential in today’s hybrid world
  • Time Recording – promoting consistent, timely and accurate recording of time spent regardless of the software used and flexible enough to comply with firms’ individual policies and procedures
  • Client Relationship Management – increasing the firm’s business by capturing and sharing client information and activities for marketing and business development purposes
  • Collaborating with Others – efficiently working with both colleagues and clients involving many of the applications in use on the desktop including organising emails, managing calendars and conference calls
  • Data and Reports – understanding the value of using spreadsheets efficiently for calculations, data storage and reporting
  • Visual Communications – assisting individuals to become a confident and effective user of multi-media and to communicate information in a concise, persuasive and engaging format
  • Video Conferencing – ensuring that you have the skills you need to confidently participate in and facilitate remote meetings

LTC4 Learning Plans were first introduced in 2010 by legal IT training professionals working within law firms across the world who identified fundamental gaps in knowledge across the legal industry. It formed the first, and only, coalition of experts who really understood the challenges of improving technology skills.

LTC4 reaffirms its commitment to recognizing and validating legal technology competence by offering certification. This serves as a badge of excellence, showcasing a professional's proficiency in utilizing technology within the legal context, reassuring clients and reducing risk.


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