Consilio Launches Comprehensive Complete AI Suite to Streamline eDiscovery
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Consilio logoConsilio, the global leader in legal technology solutions and enterprise legal services, today announced the launch of Complete AI, an AI-enabled platform of solutions for efficient, high-quality legal workflows solving key legal and compliance use cases, including investigations, document summaries and review, sensitive data analysis, and risk assessment.

Built leveraging Consilio’s responsible approach to AI leadership, Complete AI increases the speed-to-insights over traditional eDiscovery processes while helping clients control costs.

“Corporate legal teams and their outside counsel are hungry for eDiscovery solutions that save time and money. The new world of generative AI and advances in natural language processing make it easier for them to discover and explore insights in their data. With over a decade incorporating market-leading analytics into our proprietary eDiscovery technology, Consilio is investing heavily in GenAI, and leading in this effort,” said Raj Chandrasekar, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Consilio.


The Complete AI suite builds upon Consilio’s history of AI solutions by equipping clients with a rigorously tested and responsibly built generative AI solution that streamlines key tasks. The platform controls high discovery costs with customizable AI models and review capabilities. Consilio’s flagship Sightline platform has featured advanced machine learning capabilities since its inception, which has translated into the Complete AI suite being the most user- and compliance-friendly product available for eDiscovery practitioners.

“Our number one priority is to address the needs of our clients, and we’ve made considerable investments over the past year to that end,” said Chandrasekar. “We’ve invested not only in our patent-pending user experiences that wrap around generative AI algorithms, we have also invested considerable cycles in sourcing and fine-tuning the best available, locally-hosted generative AI algorithms and procured high-end compute so that clients’ data won’t have to traverse to the public cloud to take advantage of generative AI. And, on top of that, we’re investing heavily in training and certifications, so that our expert consulting teams can properly guide clients on their generative AI-assisted workflows.”

Key Applications of Complete AI

For investigations workflows professionals, Complete AI helps teams:

  • Deepen insights into legal risks, exposure, and key individuals during investigation phases
  • Delve into intricate matter details through natural language inquiries and responses
  • Pinpoint crucial information without the need for exhaustive review
  • Analyze and group documents based on the ideas they represent


For review workflows, Complete AI enables attorneys to quickly:

  • Streamline privilege data detection and review
  • Review document volumes and analyze them against multiple issues, explaining rationale behind classifications along the way
  • Optimize the review process by strategically sequencing documents for review in order of relevance

For risk & compliance workflows, Complete AI helps teams:

  • Gauge risk exposure and potential costs in the earliest of stages of issues as they arise
  • Consistently and quickly identify, redact, and secure personally-identifiable individuals (PII) across diverse data sources and formats

Key Features of Complete AI

A Full Suite of Deployable Advanced Artificial Intelligence Enhancements: From mature, proven machine learning algorithms to rapidly developing generative models, Consilio is able to equip clients with the right tools based on their goals and risk tolerance.

Simplifying Adoption: In-platform AI integrations allow clients to leverage the tools they’re already using to achieve efficiency and quality gains quickly.

Controlling Costs: Customizable AI and review solutions enable clients to increase further efficiency of often costly high-volume data discovery and first-level review tasks.

Proven, Industry-leading Support: Consilio has a deep-rooted history in utilizing machine learning, AI, and predictive analytics, with world-class analysts and expert support staff across time zones to answer questions and provide guidance on best practices.

This week at Legalweek, Consilio will be previewing the Complete AI suite at the company’s booth located within the second-floor promenade of the New York Hilton Midtown for all parties interested in seeing the solution’s capabilities live.


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