eBillingHub Harnesses AI to Help Address Rejected Invoices Faster
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Elite logoElite, a leading provider of financial and practice management solutions to the world’s most successful law firms, has brought the power of AI and machine learning to eBillingHub, the market-leading e-billing platform, to significantly accelerate the categorization and analysis of rejected invoices. 

Within the latest version of eBillingHub, users are able to addresses the challenge of non-uniform electronic billing rejections, by leveraging Microsoft® Azure OpenAI technology to automatically categorize rejected invoices. More specifically, law firms can easily and more quickly address rejected invoices through automatic, AI-powered categorization of the reason codes, which can then swiftly be reviewed and addressed by a biller.


In addition, an enhanced dashboard is now available within eBillingHub, providing a brand-new visual presentation of the number of rejected invoices in the tracking page. Users can instantly see categorized rejections at-a-glance—both by rejection category and by vendor—and are able to click through and quickly act on the rejected invoices.

Taken together, this new AI-powered categorization functionality promises to significantly streamline the e-billing workflow, enabling e-billing teams to quickly address rejections by vendor within a specific category and allowing firms to get paid faster.

“We worked directly with customers to solve an important pain-point for their e-billing processes, namely, how to automate and accelerate the handling of larger volumes of rejected invoices,” said Ahad Shafiq, senior product manager for eBillingHub at Elite. “This partnership approach, coupled with the power of AI and machine learning, have provided an innovative solution which further transforms and optimizes the e-billing process.”

This is the second AI-based innovation to be unveiled by Elite recently. In August, the company launched a new automated time entry capability for users of its flagship financial and practice management solution 3E, in which generative AI technology from the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service creates draft timecard narratives with just the click of a button.


“This new application of AI within eBillingHub is just the latest example of how we are innovating and pushing the boundaries, in order to reduce administrative tasks and speed up business processes for our customers,” added Elisabet Hardy, head of product at Elite.


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