Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory UK introduces Legal Services Portal to Streamline Legal Intake, Enable Self-Service, and Track Outcomes
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WK logoWolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory, UK today announced the launch of its new Legal Services Portal module for Legisway Enterprise and Legisway Essentials users in the UK. The new portal helps businesses to streamline their legal intake process, by capturing all requests, then triaging and delegating those tasks to relevant members of the legal department.

As a result, the portal improves how legal departments track and report on their activity and associated outcomes. 

The new module for Legisway, Wolters Kluwer's AI-driven all-in-one legal management software, is intuitive and easy to use – meaning business colleagues, non-legal teams do not require specific training to use it. The portal allows businesses to centralise all internal legal requests. It provides a direct line of communication between a legal department and the rest of an organisation, providing a business with an intuitive, collaborative ‘ticketing’ platform that enables non-legal staff to streamline their requests for legal support.


Sergio Liscia, Vice President & General Manager of Legal Software at Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory, says: “The business world is evolving at an unprecedented pace, making the lives of lawyers more and more complex every day. Gaining better control over all their activities and having the ability to transform their legal expertise into operational performance has never been more essential. They can only do that by improving the processes around the tasks set by their business colleagues, specifically non-legal teams.”

The Legal Services Portal module for Legisway Enterprise and Legisway Essentials enables businesses to:

  • Manage all legal requests through a single consolidated channel, instead of working with unstructured requests. 
  • Free up legal departments to focus on higher-value work, by reducing the amount of time they spend on repetitive, low-value tasks. 
  • Improve collaboration and communication between legal teams and the wider business. 
  • Track workloads and performance in terms of resolution times and generated outputs. 


The new Legisway Legal Services Portal combines legal intelligence and best practices from thousands of lawyers to enhance efficiency, productivity, and the dissemination of know-how within a company. It offers a connected way for businesses to operate and manage their legal function.

Over 1.000 legal departments and 130,000 users in Europe use Legisway to transform their departments into a true business partner and accelerate growth. Every legal department operates in its own way. Legisway is a fully configurable solution that adapts to your processes and your organisation.


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