SALI Alliance Defines and Translates 12,000+ Legal Data Tags in 11 Languages
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Sali logoThe SALI (Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry) Alliance, the leading global non-profit dedicated to creating and promoting legal data standards, has released to the draft standard (subject to review and comment) the definitions of 12,000+ standardized legal tags, as well as translations into 11 languages. 

Michael Bommarito of 273 Ventures provided the translations of the extensive set of legal tags into the world’s most commonly spoken languages: German, French, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Peninsular Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Hindi, Hebrew, and UK English. This milestone underscores SALI's commitment to make the field of law more cohesive, inclusive, and accessible, paving the way for a truly global standardization of legal data.


In addition to the translations, SALI has added definitions to all 12,000 tags, permitting greater clarity on the concepts' meanings and disambiguation. A uniform approach to legal data is essential to increase efficiency, reduce misunderstandings, and promote cross-border collaboration within the legal profession. 

The translations and definitions are expected to be included in the next general release of the standard, planned for early 2024. 

By incorporating these data elements, the SALI Alliance has taken a major step towards clearer communication for legal professionals around the world, who can now access, understand, and utilize the same set of standards in their native language.

"SALI is committed to reducing barriers within the legal profession, and these new definitions and multilingual capabilities are a major step forward," said Toby Brown, president of the SALI Alliance board. "By making our comprehensive set of legal tags and their definitions available in these widely spoken languages, we are not just localizing content, but truly globalizing standards."

The translated dataset offers significant benefits to law firms, legal departments, legal tech companies, and other stakeholders in the legal ecosystem. "This accomplishment will empower tens of thousands more legal professionals to operate on a shared, universally accessible platform," added Joy Heath Rush, Chief Executive Officer of the International Legal Technology Association and board member of The SALI Alliance. "As organizations globally adopt these standards, we’ll see more transparency, interoperability, and unity in the pursuit of justice, underpinned by a common language." 

Access to the LMSS, including the new definitions and translations, is available by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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