AI Contract Analytics company Della selected by construction giant Bouygues Construction
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Della logoInternational Construction Giant, Bouygues Construction, which specializes in worldwide, complex, and sustainable construction projects, has selected Della’s unique, multilingual, artificial intelligence (AI) driven contract analytics platform to accelerate and structure its contract review processes.

Bouygues Construction has begun its roll-out of Della across its international legal and commercial teams and subsidiaries following the culmination of a successful one-year pilot, which concluded earlier this year (2022). Teams from across the entire Bouygues Construction Group will now use the platform to accelerate the review process of their cross jurisdiction, complex legal documents and contracts. The international leader in construction and services plans to utilize the easy-to-use, multilingual platform across more areas of its global business, including for communicating critical contractual information with its on-site teams, in the coming months.

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Della’s powerful AI core, intuitive design, and seamless workflow mean that the platform has offered Bouygues Construction’s team significant time savings from day one, with no set-up or configuration and minimal training required. Helping relevant members of Bouygues’s legal, commercial, procurement and management teams to review hundreds of third-party, multi-page, non-standard contracts in different languages quickly and efficiently, enabling them to identify potential risks or procedures, and drive efficiencies across the commercial tender process.

Simeon Bloch, In-house Legal Counsel at Bouygues Construction, comments: “Our teams analyse a huge number of contracts on a daily basis and many of those contracts are hugely complex and run to more than 1,000 pages; so, it takes an enormous amount of time to identify and extract all the potential risks and scenarios associated with an individual project.

“Della is helping our commercial and legal teams to accelerate and structure the whole, end-to-end commercial and contracting process. Our users can create checklists, highlight relevant language, detect potential red flags, prepare custom reports, generate letters and other documents to help us to get to grips with a complex project, before it has even started. Using Della saves our teams a huge amount of time and improves the overall efficiency of the review process we need to undertake for every single project we take on, or tender for.”


Christophe Frèrebeau, founder and CEO of Della, adds: “Della gives the relevant legal, commercial, procurement and management teams at Bouygues Construction a simple, effective, and intuitive way to review complex contracts faster and more accurately. Most construction contracts are on third party paper, so there is very little standardization. They are also massively complex, so there are no short-cuts.

“Della is ideally suited to reviewing large and complex documents regularly and accurately, because our AI understands how people speak and learns from each interaction a user has with our platform. Our users can identify multiple key data points, sometimes as many as 150 in a single contract, even if they are hidden amongst hundreds of legal documents. We can also provide an output, which might be a custom report or a summary, to help users to flag any concerns to relevant members of the project team, so they can react accordingly and make informed decisions on next steps.”


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