Survey: 68% of law firms use legal analytics - a 7% increase over last year
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LexisNexis logoToday, Lex Machina® and LexisNexis Legal & Professional® release the results from their annual Impact of Legal Analytics survey. Each year Lex Machina reaches out to legal professionals nationwide, to get a clear view into how Legal Analytics technology is used and perceived.

This year’s survey demonstrates the key drivers and barriers for legal analytics adoption, the value legal analytics brings to litigation practice, and how it is being utilized. More than 400 responses were received from U.S. legal professionals at law firms of all sizes.


Some of the key takeaways when comparing current users vs. non-users of legal analytics were:

  • Known Value - 98% of respondents who currently use Legal Analytics believe that Legal Analytics is valuable or somewhat valuable for their legal practice, and even 78% of non-users say the same.
  • Drives Success - 74% of those who use Legal Analytics said that successful litigation is the key driver for adopting Legal Analytics.
  • Demand for an API - 63% of users would like to integrate their Legal Analytics with other organizational data
  • Drives Business - 69% of users use Legal Analytics to pitch or demonstrate expertise to their clients

“The results demonstrate that not only are more people acutely aware of the benefits and impact that Legal Analytics has, but the ways they are finding those benefits continue to grow with the evolving needs of the industry,” says Karl Harris, CEO at Lex Machina. “Ultimately, we are seeing great advancements in adoption that have propelled Legal Analytics from a new technology to a must-have for client acquisition, litigation success, recruitment, retention and so much more.”


The survey gives insight into the shifting perspectives around this data. What was once feared as automation designed to replace the lawyer, has now been overwhelmingly accepted as a true asset to elevate the entirety of the legal practice. While there are still a few who have reservations about the adoption of Legal Analytics, those numbers are changing and the reasoning behind them is shifting. The survey results strongly suggest that as education on technology increases, this upward trend of adoption will continue to progress  rapidly.

Lex Machina is hosting a webcast to discuss the findings of the survey on February 17, with Karl Harris, CEO of Lex Machina and Steven Lerner, senior reporter at Law360: 2022 Survey - The Impact of Legal Analytics.

To get the full survey results, including a complete infographic of the survey results please click here.


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