Reynen Court Launches One-Click Test Drives
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Reynen Court logoReynen Court today announced the debut of new functionaility that makes it fast, easy and safe for law firms and law departments to test third-party legal technology solutions. The new facility is called Test Drives and is included without additional charges for licensed users of the Reynen Court platform.

Founded in 2018, Reynen Court provides a platform - akin to an app store for legal technology - that combines a Solution Store featuring curated content about application vendors and their products together with a sophisticated software system that enables firms to run cloud-based applications either on-premise or within virtual private clouds under their own control - thus giving firms access to modern software solutions without having to sacrifice security or stability. The Amsterdam based company is supported by a consortium of twenty leading global law firms. More than 200 third-party application vendors are actively engaged with Reynen Court, with more than a hundred already under contract and currently present or working towards participation in company's Solution Store.


"From our inception we have worked relentlessly to reduce to minutes from months the time it takes for law firms and legal departments to discover, evaluate and test third-party software, and so it is with great pride we are today announcing the debut of One-Click Test Drives," said Reynen Court founder and CEO Andrew Klein.  "Test Drives literally deliver secure environments and pre-configured software applications fully loaded with dummy data and transaction or case materials that innovation teams can launch in one-click - without requiring even a moment of support from their internal technology departments."

"Test Drives are executed pursuant to standard contract terms that are built into the contract Reynen Court has with each law firm or legal department," Klein continued. "The same terms are incorporated into the contract Reynen Court has with each vendor. Upon One-Click initiation of a Test Drive on the Reynen Court platform, a binding license agreement between the vendor and the law firm is consummated - without requiring the cost or delay of contract negotiation for both sides of the transaction."

"Test Drives are made possible by the substantial software deployment and private cloud management technology at the core of the Reynen Court platform," added Christian Lang, Head of Strategy at Reynen Court. "When a firm clicks to initiate a Test Drive, what is really happening is quite complex: a portable "containerized" version of the vendor's software is immediately deployed to a secure (segregated) instance of cloud infrastructure.  Platform users with permission to run Test Drives can easily invite firm members to participate. The testing takes place without any risk of data or documents leaking outside of the isolated environment. At the end of the test the entire environment is terminated and all records related to the Test Drive are erased."


"We are extremely proud to have been the first vendor actually tested through the Reynen Court platform," added Amir Reshef, Chief Executive Officer of dealcloser.  "Nothing helps us close sales more than getting users to take control of the mouse and experience the power of our next generation transaction management solution.  Rather than grinding through the security, legal and technical work typically required to launch a safe and realistic proof of concept, our prospects can now get their hands on our software in just a simple click." 

"As a software vendor we see limits to what we can accomplish in a demo delivered by our business development team," added David Rivett, the COO and Co-founder of Nalanda Technology Limited, provider Nalytics, the cloud based platform for searching and analyzing unstructured data.  "At the same time, the technical, security and legal hurdles we must jump over just to set up a safe and compliant proof of concept or pilot deployment at a large law firm or in-house legal department are very high.  Reynen Court and its Consortium members have smartly designed Test Drives to expedite trial usage and we are enthusiastically participating." 

"Test Drives are a win all around and an impressive accomplishment by Reynen Court," said Ramin Karbalaie, CEO at NAIX Technology GmbH, a fast-growing provider of solutions that use AI to anonymise and pseudononymise documents.  "Once we had completed the development required to offer a containerized version of our software, it was easy to prepare to make One-Click Test Drives available. The team at Reynen Court supported our engineers during the entire effort.  We look forward to now accelerating opportunities with the firms and legal departments adopting this exciting platform."

"From the perspective of the law firm's Knowledge Management and Innovation department, we are excited to see the start of Test Drives on the Reynen Court platform,” added Oz Benamram, Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP. “Especially at the earliest stages in our evaluation of a product, it has the potential to shorten the time it takes to robustly test in a real environment the actual software we would ultimately acquire.  Moreover, sometimes it takes several months before we get software in front of our users only to learn quickly that there is not a fit.  We expect Reynen Court will enable us to test more software with less cost and effort."

"We support Reynen Court because we believe in their vision that a platform leveraging containerized software and private clouds will help us - as a firm with a high degree of sensitivty to security and data governance - accelerate adoption of new innovative technologies,"   commented Tony Cordeiro, the Chief Information Officer at White & Case.  "The launch of Test Drives now means that another important part of the plan has moved beyond the drawing board. As an early adopter of the platform, we now look forward testing more software and getting the benefit of faster delivery of solutions to our lawyers from those solutions made ready on the platform."


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