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Neota Logic logoNeota Logic today announced the release of V1 of Canvas as part of the NL 10 release. Canvas is a web-based product that enables subject matter experts to quickly and effectively turn their expertise into runnable applications.

Canvas incorporates the legal engineering or processing mapping steps an expert would typically undertake when mapping out the logic of an application. It replaces third party processing mapping tools, to significantly streamline the way clients can turn ideas into runnable products.

Canvas requires no training and is a logical, intuitive product that allows users to ask questions, apply formulas and rules, and generate output reports or send emails to third parties.

Unique to Neota Logic, Canvas apps can be quickly extended in Studio, Neota’s advanced application builder. This means users can benefit from the full range of Neota Logic capabilities to enable complex reasoning and integration with third party services.

Neota has overhauled its product management process, incorporating a research & design element to better connect its product strategy to its growing customer base.  A number of customers have been involved in the Beta testing and V1 has evolved from continuous customer feedback. Neota is offering a free 30 day trial for Canvas.

NL 10 also introduces Corporate Legal Templates. Each template is a complete, ready-to-use application which can be configured quickly to match a department’s specific requirements. Templates are built on Neota Logic’s uniquely powerful intelligent automation platform, which enables legal operations professionals to create custom applications combining legal expertise, workflow, documents, and data management.


These templates are included as part of Neota’s subscription and include:

  • Legal Services Requests—this application enables a Legal Department to engage with internal business clients easily and efficiently anytime and anywhere. Business users answer a few questions about the category, timing, and scope of services they need. Requests are immediately evaluated for complexity, risk, and priority, and are routed to lawyers and other staff designated by the Legal Department. All participants can track and manage progress and resolution of requests. Data about requests can be reported using Neota Logic tools or a company’s standard business intelligence tools. Request categories, information for each request category, rules for evaluating complexity and risk, and rules for routing can all be configured.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements—this application enables a Legal Department to provide controlled self-service to internal business clients for generation, review, and electronic signature of Non-Disclosure Agreements and other routine documents. Business users select a document type and answer a few questions about scope and counterparty, and select clauses open to negotiation. Documents are sent to the counterparty, who can review, negotiate, route to a different person for negotiation, and/or e-sign with DocuSign. Company participants can track and manage progress. Tracking data can be reported using Neota Logic tools or a company’s standard business intelligence tools. Agreement text and options, as well as rules for routing, can all be configured. For example, the Legal Department can require that agreements with specified characteristics are routed to the Department for approval before release to the counterparty.
  • Electronic Discovery Advisor—this application enables a Legal Department or law firm’s senior electronic discovery managers to provide precision guidance on the scope, cost, and timing of e-discovery projects., anytime anywhere. Lawyers and paralegals enter facts about a case and its discovery dimensions, at the beginning of a case when information is limited or uncertain and later when custodians, date ranges, data types, and other factors are more certain. The Advisor covers a comprehensive set of data types in considerable detail. Data types covered, productivity and cost assumptions, and business policies can all be configured.

More corporate legal templates will be released in the near future.

About Neota Logic

Neota Logic is the leading no-code platform for the intelligent automation of expertise, processes and documents.

The platform provides professionals with a suite of tools to rapidly build digital solutions that automate any aspect of their service, without writing a single line of code. These solutions empower legal, risk and compliance professionals to deliver access to their expertise at scale.


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