Winscribe Introduces a New Authoring Experience for Dictation Clients
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Winscribe logoWinscribe, a leading provider of digital dictation and speech recognition workflow management software for businesses, announced an enhanced redesign of their dictation authoring application, called Winscribe Author Plus.

Winscribe Author Plus complements the existing Winscribe Dictation software suite and enables clients to record, edit and review dictated audio and transcribed documents, by using their personal computer. With this software, users can concentrate on dictating documents and other important information, while the Winscribe Dictation software suite provides the technology for allocating resources and for support staff to quickly and easily transcribe, correct, format and file completed documents.

“We are very excited to roll out the new design of Author Plus for Winscribe’s digital dictation software suite,” said Beth Stapleton, Winscribe’s Global Digital Marketing Specialist. “Winscribe Dictation customers will benefit from an increase in efficiency, productivity and usability when authoring and managing dictations, and it is very fulfilling to see it in the hands of users who helped us design it. We’re very happy with how it has turned out and how it’s being received, thus far.”

The Winscribe Author Plus software update features a major design overhaul with a fresh, new user interface. Clients that select to use Winscribe Author Plus (over the standard Winscribe Dictation authoring application) have additional benefits, including the ability to customize their personal user interface and set their application preferences for skin themes, mask colors and grid property colors. Featuring a modern color palette, updated branding and fresh icons, Winscribe Author Plus’ fresh look combines the latest in console design with feedback from Winscribe’s customer base.

“This release reflects Winscribe’s commitment to building software that incorporates modern technology, is easy to use and is highly effective for our customers,” said Pierre Corboz, Director of Product Strategy at Winscribe. “In the latest series of updates, we further optimize user interaction by supporting process improvement and enabling more efficient dictation workflow. In addition to the sleek, new look and feel, we have integrated the latest dictation hardware and speech recognition software solutions and have streamlined many elements to provide a more consistent and intuitive experience.”

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Key new features and benefits available with the Winscribe Author Plus update include:

  • Application Redesign: The release of Winscribe Author Plus for the Winscribe Dictation software platform introduces a complete software redesign (built from the ground up), including brand new icons and an improved application layout. Dictation creation and management has been made easier with a complete interface redesign, making the software more responsive to natural work behaviors.
  • Application Customization Controls: The Winscribe Author Plus application gives users extensive control over the customization of skin themes, color preferences and grid properties for the application. This new feature reduces eye fatigue and allows clients to establish personalized aesthetics for their system that will provide a more positive work experience.
  • Audio Bookmarks: Winscribe Author Plus supports the recording of voice notes in the form of “audio bookmarks”. This feature enables system authors to record multiple verbal instructions for transcriptionists and other support staff, allowing authors to seamlessly switch between dictation and voice notes from within the same document.
  • New Controls & Support for Dragon Speech Recognition: Winscribe Dictation provides updated support and options for Dragon Professional Group v15, Dragon Legal Group v15 and Dragon Law Enforcement Group v15. Winscribe Author Plus also includes an updated look and a new Dragon control bar when working with speech recognition within Winscribe Dictation. The new look and controls enable a faster, adaptable and comprehensive experience when managing speech recognized text.
  • Support for Olympus RecMic 4000 Series: Winscribe Dictation supports the latest professional audio recording hardware from Olympus. The RecMic 4000 series desktop dictation microphones combine advanced technologies in an innovative and advanced noise canceling system that is ideal for noisy environments and optimized for speech recognition.

Mr. Corboz concluded by saying that: “A premium user experience has always set Winscribe apart from the competition. Introducing the most advanced technology and new ways that clients can work faster and customize their journey helps us deliver on that promise to all our users. The demand for complex workflow processes that intertwine with speech recognition continue to rise in the global voice productivity marketplace. We respond to this by building – from scratch – a new user-centered design and ensuring that we offer the latest available technologies to allow our customers to save time and costs when using Winscribe.”

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