Matters.Cloud Expands Availability to Law Firms in Norway
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Matters.Cloud logoMatters.Cloud, a leading cloud-based practice management platform for law firms, is pleased to announce its expansion into Norway. The platform is now fully available to Norwegian law firms, offering a suite of features designed to support the unique needs of the Norwegian legal industry.

This expansion includes a fully localised interface, allowing users to navigate the platform in Norwegian. The platform is designed with compliance in mind, offering support for Norwegian Krone and VAT, making it easier for law firms to manage billing, invoicing, and tax reporting. This significant addition ensures that Norwegian law firms can use Matters.Cloud with confidence, knowing that they are compliant with local tax regulations.


Additionally, Matters.Cloud now integrates seamlessly with Tripletex, a leading accounting solution in Norway. This integration allows law firms to streamline their accounting processes, improve efficiency, and reduce errors by ensuring that all financial data is accurately synchronised between platforms.

"We are excited to bring Matters.Cloud to law firms in Norway," said Fraser Mayfield, CEO at Matters.Cloud. "Our team has worked diligently to ensure that our platform meets the needs of Norwegian law firms, providing not only a localised user experience but also support for Norwegian VAT rules and integration with local accounting systems. We believe this will be a game-changer for law firms in Norway, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional legal services while we handle the administrative tasks."


Law firms in Norway can now leverage Matters.Cloud's comprehensive suite of tools, including case management, document automation,, time tracking, billing, business intelligance and more. The platform's intuitive design and robust functionality are aimed at helping law firms operate more efficiently and effectively.

For more information about Matters.Cloud's expansion into Norway and to request a demonstration, please visit


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