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Document Management - Cloud, On-Premises or SharePoint? Ask the Expert!

Compilation of Legal IT Professionals' virtual round table session about Document Management for law firms. Expert panel: Ben Weinberger, Jan Durant, Doug Caddell and Brian Podolsky.

The following questions are discussed:

  • If you were starting a law firm from scratch today – mid-tier, international presence – what would your DMS choice be and why?
  • In two years what will be the % distribution of on-premises v. hosted DM deployments?
  • You participated in research that showed IT directors were ruling out SharePoint without a proper evaluation. Has this has changed now?
  • Now that Office 365 has been given a tick by the EU for protection of data, will this open the floodgates for 365-based DM solutions?
  • How do I know where my documents are actually stored if they're in the cloud?
  • Can a hybrid architecture provide a "split the middle" approach that emphasizes respective strengths and minimizes drawbacks?
  • Are firms considering integration possibilities as an alternative to choosing either SharePoint OR a traditional legal DMS?
  • How do you see paper document capture into the DMS changing as firms move beyond traditional platforms to SharePoint or cloud?
  • What business problems do DM systems solve for law firms today, and what don't they?
  • What DMS do you think will provide the best ROI over 5 years?
  • How is the upgrade process once you move to SharePoint as DM?
  • What available cloud document storage or transmission software has security and encryption to meet HIPAA requirements?
  • What are the security disadvantages working DM in the cloud?

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