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Garnish & Sanders about the new NetDocuments web interface

NetDocuments' Mike Sanders and Tikit's Mark Garnish discuss the improvements of the recently launched new NetDocuments web interface (v17.2).

Tikit & NetDocuments about security in the Cloud

Peter Buck (NetDocuments) and Jason Scott (Tikit) discuss how NetDocuments' cloud platform can help law firms prevent being tomorrow's headline with a security breach.

Araujo & Wallqvist at ConnectLive 2017 London

iManage CEO Neil Araujo and RAVN CEO Peter Wallqvist talk about the post-merger roadmap, branding strategy and customer successes. The interview was recorded at iManage ConnectLive London on June 28, 2017.

Filing PDF/A Compliant Documents with Dutch Courts Now a Requirement

Dean Sappey, President and Co-Founder of DocsCorp, outlines new requirements and processes for filing with Dutch Courts. Many law firms in the Netherlands use pdfDocs to ensure compliance when creating, splitting, and filing PDF/A documents.

DocAuto - Company Update

DocAuto CEO David Kiefer talks about the new SharePoint solutions the company is developing and the future roadmap of the company.

DW Reporting - Company Update

Dan Wales, Managing Director & Founder of DW Reporting Reporting talks about the recent successes of the company, their new pricing solution "Evaluate" and future plans.

VANTAGE 2015 - Interview with Eric Ruud & Patrick Hurley

Thomson Reuters Elite MD Eric Ruud and VP Customer Advocacy Patrick Hurley talk about the future plans of the company. This video was recorded at VANTAGE 2015 - Global User Conference in Las Vegas.

Tikit Executives about eMarketing v6

Legal IT Professionals’ Rob Ameerun interviews Tikit's eMarketing Product Manager Jeff Hemming and Development Director Mark Garnish about the latest version of Tikit eMarketing (v6), the importance of e-marketing for law firms, what to expect from an email marketing tool and tips for creating good e-marketing campaigns.

Recently, Legal IT Professionals interviewed Nishan DeSilva, the man in charge of Matter Center, Microsoft’s new SharePoint-based legal document management system. Together with Bart van Wanroij (Director Epona Software Productions), DeSilva talks about Matter Center’s distinguishing features and the changing role of vendors like Epona who sell their own SharePoint-based legal DMS.

Tikit Executives about Carpe Diem Next Generation

Legal IT Professionals’ Rob Ameerun interviews Tikit's North American President Peter Zver and Development Director Mark Garnish about the latest version of the world’s leading timekeeping application for lawyers Carpe Diem Next Generation, the philosophy behind the product, timekeeping metrics and what legal professionals can expect from next generation timekeeping.

Document Management - Cloud, On-Premises or SharePoint? Ask the Expert!

Compilation of Legal IT Professionals' virtual round table session about Document Management for law firms. Expert panel: Ben Weinberger, Jan Durant, Doug Caddell and Brian Podolsky.

The following questions are discussed:

  • If you were starting a law firm from scratch today – mid-tier, international presence – what would your DMS choice be and why?
  • In two years what will be the % distribution of on-premises v. hosted DM deployments?
  • You participated in research that showed IT directors were ruling out SharePoint without a proper evaluation. Has this has changed now?
  • Now that Office 365 has been given a tick by the EU for protection of data, will this open the floodgates for 365-based DM solutions?
  • How do I know where my documents are actually stored if they're in the cloud?
  • Can a hybrid architecture provide a "split the middle" approach that emphasizes respective strengths and minimizes drawbacks?
  • Are firms considering integration possibilities as an alternative to choosing either SharePoint OR a traditional legal DMS?
  • How do you see paper document capture into the DMS changing as firms move beyond traditional platforms to SharePoint or cloud?
  • What business problems do DM systems solve for law firms today, and what don't they?
  • What DMS do you think will provide the best ROI over 5 years?
  • How is the upgrade process once you move to SharePoint as DM?
  • What available cloud document storage or transmission software has security and encryption to meet HIPAA requirements?
  • What are the security disadvantages working DM in the cloud?

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