Morning Waves, LLC Officially Launches Attorney Timekeeper Mobile Application with Full Feature Set
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AT logoCloud-based real-time competitive timekeeping with cell phone capture

Today Morning Waves, LLC officially launches Attorney Timekeeper with its full feature set following the product’s soft launch at the ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago last week.  

Attorney Timekeeper is a cloud-based mobile application which uses real time timekeeping technology to streamline billing for lawyers on the go, while also encouraging them to get competitive with timekeeping by tracking their billed time, setting timekeeping goals, and challenging colleagues to time contests.  Introductory webinars are scheduled next week for lawyers interested in seeing this breakthrough new technology – see detail below. 

  • 1-Touch Real Time Timekeeping - Attorney Timekeeper provides comprehensive features for motivated timekeepers, including 1-Touch timekeeping on PCs, tablets and phones.  Transitioning from one client/matter to another with a single touch saves attorneys valuable time and simplifies the timekeeping process. 
  • Competitive and Challenging Time Tracking - A unique capability that sets Attorney Timekeeper apart from other products is its competitive timekeeping features, which allow lawyers to set and track time goals for themselves and to challenge others to effectiveness contests.  Timekeeping can be seen as a chore, but Attorney Timekeeper turns it into a game, allowing lawyers to run reports on time spent at the office versus time actually billed, and, with permission, to track the same information for colleagues at their own or other law firms.  Attorney Timekeeper then reports the results to participants in the user’s network. The mobile application’s competitive/comparative timekeeping can also be used for teams at a law firm that want to set goals for accurately tracking time or increasing billings at the firm.  As an added bonus, attorneys can also track time during their non work-related activities (such as family and exercise time) to account for their entire day, professional and personal—making Attorney Timekeeper a lifestyle timekeeping device and a business necessity.
  • Cell Phone Capture - Also included is Attorney Timekeeper’s automatic cell phone capture from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile carriers (other carriers will be added).  Once the lawyer has provided cell phone and password credentials, Attorney Timekeeper imports the call log from the phone carrier.  Then the lawyer can review the call list and mark billable items, associating them with a client and matter.  The next time a call is made to or from that number, the same client and matter are automatically assigned to it.
  • Voice to Text Translation of Time Description Information - Speak the description for the time entries directly into Attorney Timekeeper using Apple products compatible with Siri, and Siri translates your voice to text.


Nationally-known lawyer and technologist Bob Ambrogi saw Attorney Timekeeper at the TECHSHOW last week, tried the software and posted a review on his LawSites blog yesterday.  Ambrogi says: “I tried Attorney Timekeeper on both a PC and a tablet. Its strong point is, as promised, its ease of use.  I agree with [Attorney Timekeeper founder Bill] Doran that, the easier it is to capture your time, the more time you’ll capture. As I said above, this runs equally well on a tablet or PC, but the touch features of a tablet make that my preferred platform.”

Todd Wakefield of Wakefield Law Office commented, “Steve Jobs showed us that it’s all about simplicity and elegance.  It’s great to see Attorney Timekeeper is finally taking that approach in time-tracking solution.” 

Attorney Timekeeper is sold on a subscription basis, with pricing starting at $49.95 per/month and the first 30 days are free.  The application can be easily set up in 15 minutes. 

Free introductory 30-minute webinar demos are scheduled for Wednesday, April 17 and Thursday, April 18 at both 12pm ET and 4pm ET.  Sign up at:


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