Lexicon Announces Partnership with Usio to Maximize Software’s Payment Experience
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Lexicon logoLexicon, a legal services and technology provider with deep industry experience, announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with Usio, a leading integrated payment solutions provider.

Usio’s proprietary PayFac-in-a-BoxTM technology will be embedded within Lexicon Software to further maximize efficiency for Lexicon law firm customers.

“Our new partnership with Usio exemplifies our philosophy to continuously adapt our products and services to provide best-in-class service and support,” Lexicon CEO Scott Brennan said. “Lexicon Software’s intuitive design and user interface is further boosted by utilizing the PayFac-in-a-BoxTM technology from Usio that increases productivity and satisfaction that goes beyond our customers and is extended to their customers.”

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Lexicon Software users now have the ability to accept debit or credit card and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments to more easily and conveniently remit payments that can be easily tracked and characterized by the unique niches they serve, including legal fees payable directly to attorneys, and trustee accounts that are specialties of individual law firms.

“Our customers will be able to collect payment either through the Lexicon Software client portal or at point-of-service (POS),” Lexicon CFO/COO Tom Boster said. “All payment source information, whether it’s debit or credit card, or a client’s checking account, is loaded and protected in a secure environment, where the end result is a faster billing and payment cycle.”

The expanded payment options for individual customers will be made possible by adding electronic payment options.

“Implementing Usio’s unique payment facilitation technology will provide Lexicon’s customers with a wealth of advantages, primarily the elimination of manual processes associated with receiving and depositing paper checks, which reduces costs associated with their collection and disbursement functions,” said Greg Carter, SVP of Payment Facilitation at Usio. “Utilizing our proprietary PayFac-in-a-BoxTM technology gives Lexicon a comprehensive electronic payments solution inside their innovative technology, thereby increasing the value of their software to their individual law firm clients.”

Lexicon Software, which launched earlier this month, will be available in three subscription-based tiers: Emerging, Ascending and Iconic. The tiered format allows law firms to choose only what they need, when they need it. At launch, the Emerging software tier and several complementary legal services were made available. The Ascending and Iconic software and services will be added later in 2020.

Lexicon’s Emerging tier is designed for firms of any size or practice area, and offers the following fully-integrated functionality:

  • Billing
  • Client intake
  • Document management
  • Matter management
  • Reporting
  • Timekeeping

The software also features a unified dashboard providing users with convenient access to every feature in one place.


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