Vanderbilt Law School’s Larry Bridgesmith Becomes First Legal Educator to Use EmpowerLegal’s Video Training Platform
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Many law schools are becoming more innovative in preparing students for legal careers, leveraging the power of online technology tools to complement traditional classroom learning.  Larry Bridgesmith, a professor at Vanderbilt Law School and coordinator of its Program on Law & Innovation (PoLI), is dedicated to finding effective tools to educate his students on both the theory and actual experience of law practice. 

Bridgesmith recently discovered EmpowerLegal, an online training provider founded by the company’s President and CEO Alan S. Fanger, an award-winning litigation attorney with 30+ years of experience. EmpowerLegal video tutorials provide realistic, professionally-portrayed depictions of depositions, mediations and trials.  The videos demystify intimidating litigation events and highlight and remedy clients’ common mistakes while testifying.

According to Bridgesmith, “As a veteran lawyer teaching experiential law school courses, I am always on the lookout for teaching tools that make learning relevant and engaging. Video has long been a teaching tool to which students of all ages relate as a powerful visual stimulator for cognitive connections. The mediation course I teach at Vanderbilt Law School is a perfect example of how bright law students must experience the circumstances in which mediators find themselves to learn those skills. EmpowerLegal educational web based video instruction is that teaching tool which illustrates and connects with my students. The cognitive engagement that occurs positively impacts their mediation skill development.”

EmpowerLegal’s Alan S. Fanger said, "We are thrilled that Larry Bridgesmith of Vanderbilt Law School has become the first legal academic to implement EmpowerLegal's online training, giving students real world insight into the litigation process.  Vanderbilt has long been on the cutting edge of innovation in legal education and technology, and we are pleased to help it take another step in that innovation journey."

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In addition to being useful to law professors and their students, EmpowerLegal videos are essential resources for practicing attorneys, both in-house and at law firms, and at insurance companies.  Customers can purchase a monthly or annual subscription for the video tutorials, priced according to their desired frequency of use and how many they need.  Videos can be viewed over any internet connection, 24/7, from any mobile device.  EmpowerLegal iPhone and Android apps are available.


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