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The UK’s leading digital dictation and transcription service provider DictateNow has celebrated delivering its 10 millionth transcription, after receiving the milestone digital dictation from long-term client, law firm Freeths.

Garry Park, Managing Director of DictateNow, part of the outsourced business process specialist ServicesNowGroup made the trip to Freeths in Nottingham to deliver champagne to Bethan Davis, the firm’s Risk and Compliance Director.

Commenting on the landmark transaction Park said: “Our focus is always on the present and ensuring we deliver accurate transcriptions and a fast turnaround, typically 45 minutes from receipt of the digital sound files.

“But focusing on the daily workload, makes it easy to let the growing totals go unnoticed. Thanks to our recently upgraded tracking software we have figures going back to the start of the business, just 13 years ago.

“Typically, our work involves words, a lot of words, but sometimes it’s important to look at numbers and when we consider 10 million dictations the numbers that emerge are mind-boggling.

“With the average dictation lasting around 3 minutes, our UK-based transcription typists have listened to approximately 30 million minutes (almost 500,000 hours) of spoken words. Incredibly, with the average dictator speaking at around 150-160 words per minute, that’s an amazing 5 billion words!

“In transcription terms, this huge number of words translates into just under a million hours of transcription typing. Given that a large proportion of those transcriptions will have been from law firms like Freeths, there will undoubtedly have been a lot of Latin in there, which will have slowed us a little.

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“It’s amazing to think what else you could achieve in 1.5 million hours, which according to one of our calculations includes typing out the entire Harry Potter series over 2400 times. If one person were to try and listen to all the dictations our typists have, they would have to listen every minute of every day and it would still take 57 years.

“Although there have been many changes in the time we have been supporting organisations of every size, across every sector with our transcription services, the drive for greater efficiency and increased productivity through outsourcing non-core skills has not changed and has certainly pushed our numbers up in recent years.” 

Bethan Davis, Risk and Compliance Director for Freeths commented: “It was a pleasant surprise to receive the champagne for one of our fee-earners having submitted the 10 millionth dictation to DictateNow – it really is an impressive total in such a short time.

“Freeths has grown significantly in recent years and DictateNow has supported us well with their fast and accurate transcription service, which is available 7 days a week. And although we are busy and recognise the benefits of outsourcing I’m keen to stress not all 10 million dictations have come from Freeths!”


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