Graham & Rosen Solicitors Switch To BigHand Digital Dictation
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BigHand logoSpecialist law firm, Graham & Rosen Solicitors, based in Hull East Yorkshire, has selected BigHand as their digital dictation provider. BigHand is replacing the firm’s incumbent digital dictation solution providing additional mobile and speech recognition functionality which will transform the current workflow processes practiced by the company.

The technology will drive success in areas such as productivity levels, cost efficiencies and time savings. 

Graham & Rosen switched to BigHand, as BigHand could offer them more than just a digital dictation solution. BigHand software is designed to easily integrate with client management systems, such as Advanced Legal Case Management Software (ALB), which was of significant importance to Graham & Rosen when selecting a new supplier.

In addition to digital dictation, Graham & Rosen are implementing speech recognition with some of their fee-earners, in order to improve workload turnaround times. They are hoping to complete a full rollout across the business in the near future.

BigHand offers multiple mobility platforms, including BigHand Go, the newly released iPad solution, which was a further attraction to Graham & Rosen to switch to BigHand. With fee earners constantly on the move, the need to increase their productivity whilst out of the office was important. 

Graham & Rosen have some home based employees, which will benefit from the latest BigHand software developments, including the optimisation for Citrix and Terminal Services which BigHand enhances.

Graham Beeston, IT Manager at Graham & Rosen says: “We are switching to BigHand because it integrates better with the legal software we are moving to and we were very impressed with the voice recognition software. Although voice recognition may not be perfect, I cannot see shorthand and typewriters being re-introduced in the foreseeable future. The only way forward seems to be to embrace the new technology and to try to make it work for you. That is what we are hoping to do by taking on the BigHand product.” 


BigHand is currently being implemented within Graham & Rosen. The firm is expecting the software to provide gains in both efficiency and productivity, with BigHand’s core workflow enabling the transcription of documents to be allocated in real time with the office at maximum capacity. 

Graham & Rosen is the latest firm to switch to BigHand. Ben Mills, Managing Director at BigHand says, “Over recent years we have seen many firms switch from other providers to BigHand. People are looking closely at their current technology and reviewing whether it is really the best platform for where their usinesses are now and going in the future. The law practice is changing and the use of our technology is evolving with it. We have become so much more than digital dictation with our mobility, speech recognition and enhanced workflow and our reputation goes beyond our technology. Firms are choosing to move to us because of award winning customer service but principally due to our unrivalled experience in delivering innovative solutions to real business challenges.“


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