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When IT manager James Walker was approached by lawyers from his Litigation Practice about automating a highly complex debt recovery process, he knew he was going to need to think outside the box. Traditional case management systems would require dozens of developer man days to map and construct the proposed processes, and it was proving difficult to tie down a final specification.

James decided to look at the deliverables required from the process – the contracts, summons, court documents and assorted other documentation. He decided that if he could capture the data required to complete the documentation, developing the process could be less complex. Initially the lawyers provided James with 15 core documents but by the time the system went live this had grown to 25. When James saw the Sysero Client Transaction System he realised that he could use it to capture the core data using web forms that did not require any custom development. The Sysero Form Designer allowed him to create the required data capture forms and the system came with a Template Builder application that allows the data to be used in Word documents. Additionally the Business Process Designer allowed him to include the tasks and decisions that would need to be tracked.

As well as being able to adapt and grow the process during the development phase, the use of Stages gave Tods the ability to provide clients with clear on-line access to see the status of individual matters.

The system initially went live for fee earners to take instructions from the client. However after a successful round of security assurance and intrusion testing, it was decided that the system would be made available to allow clients to initiate and view matters directly. “Being able to have repeatable workflows saves time and effort with data input and document creation, improves client response times and reduces costs.” states James who will be using the metrics that are being captured “to produce KPIs on matters, allowing us to measure how long the individual processes actually take.”

Tods Murray has been live with the system for several months and has rolled out SyseroCTX in a number of other areas. James goal has been to formalise business processes which are repeatable, using the SyseroCTX Business Process Designer and standard document templates to reduce risk and the potential for errors. Its early days for Tods Murray with the system but according to James “The CTX system needed less developer time than traditional business process management/workflow tools, especially as law/regulations change frequently.”


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