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12 Gough Square, London, United Kingdom, EC4A 3DW
020 7400 3737

Company profile

Tikit is one of the largest suppliers of technology solutions & services to legal & accountancy firms, and is part of BT Group. Tikit’s client list totals more than 1,450 firms globally, including 90 of the UK’s top 100 law firms, 250 US law firms, 12 of the top 20 European law firms and 18 of the UK’s top 50 accountancy firms.

Tikit is a complete technology partner offering a broad portfolio that includes software solutions, IT outsourcing, communication, networks & hosting. Tikit develops their own software and have long-standing relationships with other top best-of-breed providers, and they match this expertise with a reputation for excellent customer service.

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Dear CRM agony uncle: I just don’t know if they’ve lost interest…

Dear CRM Agony Uncle,

Given that it’s Valentine’s Day – I have to ask – how can you tell when someone you’ve been close to has lost interest?

I’m thinking here of a particularly special relationship we used to have. There was a time when there was a really strong connection between us. I wrote to them a lot and they read everything I sent them – we even met up when they came to our events. We interacted practically every day. Those times were good. Continue reading

Dear CRM Agony Uncle: How a failure to fully update might be spelling the end for this relationship


I don’t want to admit it – but I don’t always tell my CRM the whole truth and I think it’s ruining my relationships.

Of course, it didn’t start out this way. When the CRM and I first got together, I really wanted to make it work. Back then, whenever there was any kind of client contact I updated straight away. Every email, every phone call: I gave it everything I had. Slowly but surely though, my attitude started to change. Continue reading

Why lawyers really have to stop hating CRM

Customer Relationship Management systems have the potential to give firms a huge competitive advantage – but all too often they don’t because the data being entered is partial, patchy or out of date. Firms have a lot to gain if they can raise the consistency and quality of data entry, argues Simon Elven. The trick lies in utilising software that makes it a painless process. Continue reading

Why so many firms are missing the point about data

Data is a powerful and much underused asset which law firms ignore at their peril, according to Virginio Basile, Tikit’s Vice President, Professional Services, North America. In this blog Virginio argues that once firms can get to grips with data, they will unlock the potential to become more competitive and more profitable. Continue reading

How law firms can put a smart data strategy in place

In his previous blog Virginio Basile, Tikit’s Vice President, Professional Services, North America, explained why data matters so much to law firms. In this blog – the second of three – he describes how firms can put a strategy in place to deliver the kind of data that’s of real value. Continue reading

What a smart data strategy looks like in practice

In my last two blogs I talked about the value that law firms can get from great data and how they can obtain it. To round the series off, here I’m drawing on the experience of a recent timekeeping software deployment to illustrate how firms can acquire high quality data in practice. Continue reading


The future of law firms - CMS innovate with new office move

Tikit video CMSAward winning law firm CMS talk about their leap into the future and how they used a new office and cutting technology to change the future of firms forever. Find out how they achieved what is becoming the most talked about and respected shift in the London legal arena.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.


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