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Stadsplateau 5, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 3512 AZ
+31 20 701 8222

Company profile

Clocktimizer logoClocktimizer is a leading business intelligence solution that helps law firms understand who does what, when, where and at what costs. Global 100, Am Law 100, and Am Law 200 law firms use Clocktimizer to make data-driven decisions around matter management, budgeting and pricing. The AI-driven pricing & matter management platform enables law firms to streamline operations, easily build and scale pricing and legal project management teams, improve firmwide profitability and offer increased client transparency. Clocktimizer automatically categorizes law firm narratives into activities and phases.

Our customers use Clocktimizer to:

  • Price and scope matters with confidence using historical data
  • Manage matters and budgets in real time: Clocktimizer helps you firms deliver work on time, within budget and within scope
  • Easily scale pricing and legal project management initiatives across the firm
  • Identify and monitor actionable data on client, timekeeper, matter, and practice group levels via the dashboard

eBooks & Success Stories


Customer Success stories from law firms

Barnes & Thornburg is an internationally respected US-based law firm. It is well-known for its focus on innovation and service delivery for clients. We spoke with Levi Remley, Director of Pricing & Rick Eads, Pricing & Data Analytics Specialist, about their search for more data-driven pricing solutions for the firm. Read more

Clocktimizer is fortunate to be working with innovative law firms all around the world. As part of our series of Customer Success Stories, we spoke to Ebrahim Kaka (Pricing Specialist) and Nurie Jappie (Legal Project Manager) at leading South African law firm, Webber Wentzel. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Webber Wentzel has over 150 years of experience, and a dedicated team known for their commitment to their clients. Read more

We speak to Eugenia Frenzel, Director of Pricing and Practice Management Economics at Perkins Coie, about the ways Clocktimizer has been supporting their goals by providing clear data on fee quotes, budgets and firm-wide profitability. Perkins Coie LLP is an internationally renowned US firm of over 1,100 lawyers, headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Recognized, both among their peers and with awards, as incredibly client-driven. They lead the charge in looking for innovative ways to improve client relationships through transparency. Read more

If you don’t already know him, you really should. Meet Bart Gabler, CIO and Director of Pricing and Legal Project Management of one of the largest law firms in the world: K&L Gates. With over 1800 attorneys managing a wide variety of complex, high value matters, data is of the utmost importance for pricing, budgeting and matter management. K&L Gates has been using Clocktimizer since 2018, championing the wave of firms using data analysis to offer increased client transparency. Read more

Please click on this link to view a 2 minute demo of Clocktimizer.  



Creating the tech foundations for Legal Project Management at scale

Welcome to the second installment in our LPM at scale blog series. Having dived into the type of matters which should be eligible for LPM, this week we will be looking at one of the more challenging aspects. The data and technology which can support LPM. 

Because this series is designed to be a practical guide, we will be beginning with tips that even the smallest law firms can benefit from. We’ll be touching on Gartner’s PACE Layered Application strategy and how it can support the different steps towards firm-wide LPM. Finally, we’ll be offering some unique perspectives on data streams and how their insights can support greater LPM adoption. Continue reading

Webinar wrap up – Developing the foundations of Legal Project Management at scale

For us at Clocktimizer, webinars are a practical way of sharing tips and advice from the firms we work with, to a wider audience. The firms using Clocktimizer often have innovative approaches to LPM and pricing, which combine technology with unique processes and approaches. Last month’s webinar is no exception.

We spoke to Elizabeth Satterfield, Director of LPM & Innovation at Proskauer; and James Barrett, Senior Legal Project Manager at Eversheds Sutherland; about a topic close to our hearts. How can firms lay the foundations for scaling Legal Project Management?  Continue reading

Setting the foundations of scalable LPM

Welcome to the first instalment in our practical guide to legal project management for law firms. As discussed in our introductory blog, this series will go beyond exploring why firms should be investing in LPM, and instead look at how to implement and scale it. For those who have yet to implement any LPM, we highly recommend our first e-book which contains everything firms need to get started. Continue reading

Legal project management at scale: A practical blog series to guide law firms towards predictable matters

It has been over a decade since the term “Legal Project Management” began to crop up in job adverts, at legal conferences, and on Request for Proposals. Since then, legal project management has grown in answer to the myriad of challenges facing modern legal teams. A combination of increasing transparency towards clients (and all the reporting that goes with it), in addition to a move away from the billable hour, necessitates a lot more oversight. Particularly in a climate where businesses are increasingly moving work in-house. Continue reading

How to bridge the gap between small and big data

Using data in decision-making is as much about evaluation and sharing, as it is about collection. As anyone who has spent more than five minutes in front of a spreadsheet will tell you, numbers on their own are not exciting. We need graphs, charts and stories about what the data shows to change opinions or inform strategy. At Clocktimizer, the core of what we do is supporting firms in the journey from raw data, to insights and learning. For this very reason, we hosted a webinar on the art of data-driven storytelling. Continue reading

How to Prove Value in the M&A Process Through Pricing and Legal Project Management

Over the past year of lockdown, Clocktimizer has partnered with industry-leading organisations like Elevate and Law Vision to deliver a series of webinars around pricing, LPM, and change management. We’ve covered a whole range of topics, from how to predict the future for resource management, to C-Level insights for profitability. This month, we teamed up with Apperio’s CEO Nicholas D’Adhemar to look at value creation in the M&A process. We were lucky to be joined by Eugenia Frenzel, Director of Pricing and Practice Management at Perkins Coie and Robert Potts, Senior Vice President, Corporate Securities & Finance Counsel and Assistant Secretary at Dell Technologies. Continue reading

Collaboration is key – Why your pricing and legal project management teams should be communicating

We hope that we have reached a stage where most law firms recognise the importance of legal project management and Pricing teams. There are no shortage of financial, client driven and efficiency reasons behind their rise in popularity. When successful they improve everything from a firm’s bottom line, to their client retention rates. However, for most firms, these teams operate independently. Pricing teams develop quotes, rates and budgets. Legal project management teams keep the work to that budget or rate, while also managing scope and operations. Continue reading 

How to utilize technology for managing unpredictable matters

We have regularly written about, and heard from experts, on the importance of properly scoping a matter. Well scoped matters form the basis of a thorough fee structure. They also guide legal project managers in ensuring the right tasks are completed to the right standard. In short, scoping reduces uncertainty. 

However, it can be impossible to reduce uncertainty entirely. After all, who hasn’t had a matter throw up unexpected challenges along the way? It is estimated that the legal industry loses upwards of 25 billion USD to write-offs each year, indicating that a solution would be of considerable value to the legal industry. What many may be unaware of is that the solution already exists, is easy to implement, and is in regular use by the tech industry. Continue reading 

Why data visualisations can reduce billing disputes

Most of us have headed to the supermarket, shoved a load of things in our trolley and then proceeded to the checkout, only to be shocked by the total bill. Often enough, a quick read over the receipt is sufficient to jog our memories. We realise that we did purchase scallops AND that rather fancy bottle of red wine. The evidence is clear and puts an end to our desire to demand the cashier justify this attempt at robbery…

So why do we think it would be any different when it comes to billing for law firms? Clients, like anyone, are much more willing to accept the total if they can see how it was reached. Which means data visualisation. Continue reading


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