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ILTA 2010 – The last days

Well we reach the final day of ILTA 2010 (Thursday 26th August) and for me it was just a morning of sessions before I had to  get ready to leave Las Vegas.

The first morning session was a look at Law Firm economics, “Next Generation Law Firm Economics” (#ORG15). A really interesting look at the economics of a law firm over the last few years and what this means for the future. A couple of snippets that stood out were:

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ILTA 2010 – Wednesday 25th August, day three

Today was going to be “Autonomy day” and for the morning that was the case. The first session I attended was “The Search Is Over with iManage IDOL: Frontend and Backend Perspectives” (#AUT1). Initial feeling about the session was that it was going to be a bit of a sales push for IDOL search, but some of the presenters actually gave a real good “war stories” type run through of implementations.

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ILTA 2010 – Tuesday 24th August, day two

OK this is an update on Tuesday, the conference is so busy that I’m losing track of what sessions came when and when I spoke to various people. But lots on good information gained both from the sessions, the vendors and the people at the conference.

The first session on Tuesday was on email management (#INFO5). The satisfying part was that all the presenters’ firms were having the same difficulties with email as we’re having. A few key points stuck out:

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ILTA 2010 – Monday 23rd August, day one

The first full day at ILTA started with a keynote speech from Jason Jennings who shared his “5 Secrets to Put Strategic Unity on the Fast Track”, you can search for soundbites from the keynote as well as the "5 secrets on twitter as the #ilta10 hashtag has been in full use this week (I expect on Tuesday the hashtag will be busier as the WiFi problems that dogged most on Monday seem to be sorted!). But to save you searching the 5 were:

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Time to sort out search in law firms

This week a couple of things cropped up to remind me of my predictions for the top 5 technologies for Legal in 2010. In particular that I had search at #4 and my thoughts on why I think next year this will be moving up the charts.

First off is my first recent experience on Autonomy iManage WorkSite 8.5 working with IDOL and using search to retrieve email out of a 30m+ document library. As I tweeted at the time it made me want to take my email out of Outlook and put it in WorkSite! The search was so much better than Outlook 2003 Advanced Search (although recently I’ve used Outlook 2010 and the search in that is itself so much better than 2003!).

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Coming Together: A Shared Interest for Legal and IT

Steve AkersThis column is part 2 of "Bridging the Gap Between Legal and IT"

In the first part of this article, we talked about the obstacles organizations face for both IT and the associated processes around ediscovery governance. Now, we’ll discuss what requirements are bubbling to the surface and how the right IT platform can address these issues.

A common vision for control and governance of email and documents that will satisfy legal requirements and address cost and feasibility concerns from the IT department is slowly emerging. The publication of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) has helped a great deal by codifying the common components that the legal department needs and that IT must provide.

Outlook 2010: a legal viewpoint (part 2)

In this second post on Outlook 2010 I’ll be taking a look at the calendar functionality. There are some really nice features that I’m sure will please a lot of lawyers (and if not the lawyers then certainly their secretaries!). There are plenty of screen shots which you can zoom into by simply clicking on the image. So first up is a look at calendar views and there are a few nice touches to point out here.

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New Temporary Backup Files in Office 2010 Can Save Your Bacon—or Cook Your Goose

Jan BerinsteinOne of the most intriguing new features in Word 2010 is its automatic retention of temporary copies of files that users close without saving, either accidentally or deliberately. 

Word 2010 creates these temporary backups, as do the new versions of Excel and PowerPoint, if you have had a document (whether saved or unsaved) open on your screen long enough for the AutoRecover utility to kick in, typically ten minutes.  When you close an autosaved document, you’ll be prompted to save the document, to cancel the “close” operation and resume editing, or to close without saving.  If you choose the “Don’t Save” option, Word will save a temporary copy of the document anyway—just in case you change your mind later on. 

Bridging the Gap Between Legal and IT (Part 1)

Steve AkersLegal discovery, or ediscovery, has become a normal business process in most organizations. Perhaps not as frequently used as a sales force automation tool, but at times perhaps more important. With increasingly demanding rules for legal discovery and production, there is a critical need for what is becoming a near constant proactive review of the information held within the enterprise. Given the exploding amount of information and the growing number of sources where business information can reside, the legal discovery business process is now much more than a “sideline” activity that can be run from some small scale appliance under the desk of a legal professional.

Outlook 2010: a legal viewpoint (part 1)

I’ve been running Microsoft’s Office 2010 on my home PC for about a month now and have to say I’m impressed. Well as impressed as you can be with an email client, a word processor and a spreadsheet application!

I thought I’d share in a few blog posts some of the really nice features of Outlook 2010 that I think will be useful for lawyers. For the first post I want to take a look at a couple of nice ways in which Outlook 2010 helps you organise and find email.

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Will Office 2010 "Make it Great" or Crash and Burn at Your Firm?

Christy BurkeMake it Great.  Yes, that’s the vanilla marketing tagline Microsoft came up with for promoting Office 2010.  This begs the question that’s on legal IT’s collective mind these days: is 2010 actually great, or is it chaos and misery stuffed into a shrink-wrapped box?

On May 12, 2010, Microsoft announced worldwide availability of Office 2010, so the product is officially out of the gate…and running?  The issue is: will it run well, will it be in the running for your firm, or will it run you over?  Microsoft dominates the legal market and is part of the woodwork of most law firms by now, so many sites are likely to be impacted by this new release, for better or for worse. 

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