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Allen & Overy – a new appointment and a new app!

Joanna GoodmanFirst interview of Allen & Overy's new CIO Gareth Ash

In his first interview since his appointment as Chief Information Officer at Allen & Overy LLP, Gareth Ash speaks to Joanna Goodman about launching the A&O Connect app, his strategy and challenges going forward.

Gareth Ash has been CIO at Allen & Overy LLP (A&O), since August 2010, when IT director Jason Haines was promoted to finance director.

Gareth’s former role as global head of service delivery, involved running all operations, data centres, security and disaster recovery. He was responsible for the migration of the firm’s in-house data centre to a third party and the fit out and move of the London office to its Bishops Square premises.

Office 2010 – Legal IT vendors polish your interfaces

Jason PlantDuring a recent one day introduction course to Office 2010 in Leeds, I started thinking how much work Legal IT providers are going to have to put in to really get their products to integrate successfully with Microsoft’s latest offering. The reason is Microsoft have clearly put a lot of thought into Office 2010 in terms of usability. Once you’ve adjusted to using the ribbon interface, you realise that things are exactly where you need them and that a lot of things you want to do that were previously multi clicks have been made much slicker.

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Attention Legal IT Hiring Authorities! Strategies to Master the Art of the Interview

Geoffrey ZoddaEdited by Adam Weissman, Director, Legal Technology

Conducting strategic, effective hiring interviews are a challenge for many professionals. At their most basic purpose, job interviews are simply a forum where candidates attempt to impress you with their diverse skills, to articulate their vast array of experience, and explain why, if selected, she or he would be an asset to your company.For the majority of us, the question-holders, the chosen few who decide the fate of so many hopeful individuals, the all-powerful interviewers, this is as great an opportunity to assess the industry’s talent pool, as much as it is an assignment of responsibility to parse out the generic candidate from the stand-out future employee.

SOS on Susskind

David McNamaraDavid McNamara, managing director of SOS comments on a recent interview published on Legal IT Professionals with Richard Susskind, consultant and author of ‘The End of Lawyers?’

Talking about his new paperback revision of ‘The End of Lawyers?’ first published 2008, in interviews on Legal IT Professionals, Richard Susskind compares how two or three years ago his focus was on persuading lawyers that they needed to change, whereas today it is all about equipping them with practical solutions to help make changes to their organisations. He says the more imaginative firms are looking further ahead at more radical business transformation. As I was reading the interviews, it reminded me just how progressive and imaginative some law firms have become and how many of them have transformed their firms to meet the challenges ahead.

Are you an iLawyer yet?

Christy BurkeCharting the Legal Industry's Mac Invasion

“Are you a PC or a Mac?”  This is today’s version of an identity crisis, though it’s requiring attention more from IT personnel than psychiatrists. A few years ago, almost every legal professional would have said “I’m a PC” whether they liked it or not.  That said, there have always been a few avid Mac fans that would have heartily disagreed and staked their claim to a passionate Mac minority.

Why One Stop Shops Will Rule The World

Richard HallNo one can debate the “megastore effect” on our personal lives.  There is something compelling about the ability to visit a single store and shop for a refrigerator, laptop computer, cell phone, car stereo and then grab a snack in the restaurant.  Even better, great “megastores” today provide highly experienced consultants to help with your selection.  Why do we shop there?  They us save time while providing a great selection, low prices, and high quality service from a single company.

Imagine this same approach with your legal department.

Law firms and house styles

Anyone in a law firm will probably have a smile on their face reading those words or possibly they will feel a shudder, it’ll all depend on what your job is in the firm. For those that are new to law firms a short definition may be in order, so to quote Wikipedia:

a set of standards for the writing and design of documents, either for general use or for a specific publication, organisation or field. The implementation of provides uniformity in style and formatting of a document.

I have one wish when it comes to house styles. One style to rule them all!

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Richard Susskind about law firm IT management and cloud computing

Richard Susskind"Law firm CIOs should be working at Board level and have a deep appreciation of the challenges of knowledge management and knowledge sharing"

This month, a new paperback edition of Richard Susskind’s last book “The End of Lawyers?” will be published. A good reason for Legal IT professionals to interview Susskind and ask him about the current status of the legal industry. Today the third and final part of the interview, where Susskind talks about cloud computing, video conferencing and the changing role of law firm IT management.

Richard Susskind about social media and Legal IT Software Suppliers

Richard Susskind

"Legal IT software suppliers are central players in the transformation of the profession"

This month, a new paperback edition of Richard Susskind’s last book “The End of Lawyers?” will be published. A good reason for Legal IT professionals to interview Susskind and ask him about the current status of the legal industry. Today the second part of the interview, where Susskind talks about social media and legal IT software suppliers.

Although the uptake of social media by the legal world has somewhat accelerated over the last two years, there is still a big lag, “and this does puzzle me” Susskind says. “I think there's also more specialised systems like Legal OnRamp where actually an online community will go for lawyers and the clients.

Interview with Susskind about new edition of "The End of Lawyers?"

Richard Susskind

Susskind publishes new ways of thinking about the practice of law

This month, a new paperback edition of Richard Susskind’s last book “The End of Lawyers?” will be published. A good reason for Legal IT professionals to interview Susskind and ask him about the current status of the legal industry. Today part 1, about the new paperback edition, embracing change, and the impact of the global financial crisis on law firms.

Christy Burke covered ILTA 2010: the interviews

Burke covers ILTA 2010Christy Burke reports live from ILTA 2010 - All the interviews

Christy Burke reported live from the annual conference of the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA). During the conference, Christy interviewed visitors and exhibitors and asked them about their companies, new products and impressions of ILTA. Below you will find all Christy's interviews.  

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