RenewData® Unveils Language-Based Analytics Review Guarantee
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RenewData logoThe word “guarantee” is not often heard in regards to large and ever-expanding data sets that lead to high costs and long hours for eDiscovery review. However, RenewData, a full-service eDiscovery provider that offers the industry’s broadest spectrum of review acceleration solutions, introduces a measure of certainty into the eDiscovery review acceleration process with the launch of its Language-Based Analytics Review Guarantee.

Language-Based Analytics (LBA) uses a patented highlight-driven bulk tagger and patent-pending keyword development technology to dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of document review. As an effective and easily defensible alternative to artificial intelligence-powered solutions such as predictive coding, LBA offers a high degree of transparency, control and time and cost savings for legal professionals during document review. Corporations also get the advantage from LBA to re-use the data, search terms and overall knowledge of past issues and are not starting from scratch on every new matter.

“In an era of big data, the complexities of document review continue to escalate. Consequently, corporate legal departments are actively exploring defensible technological alternatives for document review enabling them to control the costs associated with the process. To find an alternative such as Language-Based Analytics—accompanied by RenewData's money-back guarantee—is one of those rare opportunities in the world of eDiscovery,” said attorney David Horrigan, analyst for e-discovery and information governance at 451 Research."

“Our Language-Based Analytics solution has consistently proven effective and cost-efficient. So we do not hesitate to share this guarantee with our clients and future clients,” said Jim Blayney, Chief Executive Officer of RenewData. “Language-Based Analytics saves corporate legal departments and law firms a significant amount of money on first-pass review and delivers relevant data in a fraction of the time of traditional review without the need for seed sets or ‘black box’ algorithms.”


When a corporate legal department or law firm uses the RenewData Language-Based Analytics workflow and tools along with RenewData’s librarians and consultants to help with processing and first-pass review, RenewData will typically guarantee that the organization will not have to review more than 20 percent of the de-duplicated documents. If, after completing the first-pass review, it is determined that you reviewed more than the guaranteed percent of the collection, RenewData will reimburse you the Language-Based Analytics hourly and technology fees plus an additional 10 percent. The process begins with a complimentary initial consultation that examines the details of the case, the number of issues, the amount of data and the number of reviewers. From there, RenewData will formalize the guarantee.


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