DocsCorp’s contentCrawler now integrates with HP TRIM
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DocsCorp logoDocsCorp, a global leader in integrated document workflow solutions and technologies, announced today that its contentCrawler software now integrates with HP TRIM, a leading electronic document and records management system (EDRMS). contentCrawler integrates with HP TRIM (7.0, 7.1, 7.2) to search HP TRIM libraries for image-based documents, even ones within email attachments.

These documents are converted to text-searchable PDFs. Converting image-based documents to text-searchable PDFs can be an automated end-to-end process or a manual one with built-in “Hold for Review” stages before Convert to PDF and/or Save Back into HP TRIM. Equally, processing can run in one of two (or both) modes: Convert Backlog or Active Monitoring.

Super smart technology

Convert Backlog converts all legacy documents to text-searchable PDFs, while Active Monitoring converts documents as soon as they are profiled into HP TRIM. contentCrawler will only OCR documents that have been identified as having little or no text. The “text threshold” can be set by the Administrator to ignore documents with minimal text. When the documents are converted to text-searchable PDFs, they are automatically saved back into HP TRIM as a New Revision, Rendition or as a Replace Original. These documents are now text-searchable and ready to be found by HP TRIM's search technology.

Greater visibility, less risk

The OCR service for contentCrawler was developed to address the very real and serious issue of image-based documents. More than 20% of documents in a content repository are "invisible" to search technology. These documents get profiled in content repositories as a result of ingestion of legacy or litigation documents, saving emails with attachments, mobile technology and employee workarounds, which bypass the OCR'ing process. Failure to produce documents on demand impacts the bottom line, workplace efficiency, regulatory compliance, productivity and exposes a firm to unnecessary risks as well as undermining a firm's reputation.


“It is a fact that content repositories are full of non-searchable content. The problem for IT staff is that there is no easy way to determine the size of the problem or how much it will cost to fix it. The contentCrawler framework can provide the CIO with the numbers to build the business case for solving this problem,” says DocsCorp President, Dean Sappey.

“If you don’t know the extent of the problem, or you are not sure if you have a problem, DocsCorp invites you to download the contentCrawler Audit Report tool (, which will provide you with a complete audit of image-based documents in your document management system,” suggests Sappey.

contentCrawler integration

contentCrawler also integrates with Autonomy iManage, OpenText eDOCS DM, OpenText Content Server, ProLaw, Worldox, MS SharePoint as well as MS Windows file systems.


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